Ancient Ways of Telling Time


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Ancient Ways of Telling Time

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We use words like analogue, digital, AM, PM, o’clock, half past, quarter to, eastern standard time, daylight saving, minutes, hours, seconds, milliseconds, year, day, week, fortnight, decade, century, millennium How we tell the time

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We use digits, clock hands and : (e.g. 6:45) as our symbols. Our symbols

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Our task was to find out ways that ancient cultures tell the time. We had to find out how at least threw different ancient cultures tell the time. Our Task

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Ancient Egypt

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The ancient Egyptians used these words to measure time: unut (60 minute hour) hrw (24 hour day) abd (30 day month) akhet (4 month Inundation season) peret ( 4 month Emergence season) shemu (4 month Harvest Season) renpet (365 day year) The ancient Egyptians used lines and shadows as their symbols to tell time. Time In Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Rome

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Telling Time In Ancient Telling Time in Ancient Rome Here are some words that the ancient romans used to tell the time Ora (Hour) Ante Meridiem (AM 00:00 – 11:59) Post Meridiem (PM 12:00 23:59)  

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I.   Hora prima from 7:33 to 8:17 A.M. II.  secunda  8:17  to 9:02 III. tertia 9:02 to 9:46 IV. quarta 9:46  to 10:31  V.  quinta 10:31 to  11:15  VI. sexta  11:15  to 12.00 noon VII. septima 12:00  to 12:44 P.M. VIII. octava 12:44 to 1.29 IX. nona  1:29  to 2:13 X.  decima  2:13 to 2:58 XI. undecima  2:58 to 3:42 XII. duodecima 3:42 to 4:27 P.M. Telling Time in Ancient Rome (2)

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The romans used roman numerals as their symbols to display time. Like I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X Roman Numerals

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Ancient Greece

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Some words that they used to measure time Scaphe dial (sundial) Hora (hour) Λεπτό (minute) Nμέρα (day) Telling Time In Ancient Greece

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The Greek used their alphabet to replace numbers. Greek Symbols

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The End Thanks For Watching

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