Mise-en-scene idea’s


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Mise-en-scene idea’s In my group, my individual role is choosing different costumes, props and locations. We have discussed various ideas for our Horror Trailer similar to other films already released. I have taken images from Google to show what sort of things my group are looking for.

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Costumes ideas For our costumes we have chosen two different outfit ideas for the main actress. One of our costume choices has been influenced by the films The Exorcist and The Possession. In both films, the young girl wears a white night dress. My group liked this costume as the colour highlights the innocence of the child, making her appear vulnerable and pure.

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Props idea’s For our main prop we have decided upon a doll that the girl has purchased at a boot sale.

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Locations ideas For our locations we have chosen a stereotypical pink little girls bedroom, a dark alleyway/cut and an abandoned field.