Katelyn Taylor's PRCA 2330 Top Ten Countdown


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PRCA 2330 Top Ten Countdown

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Once with an e-mail soon afterward and then with a hand-written note. Both show a gracious and conscientious attitude that may help me land the job! 10. Always follow up after a job interview

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I should follow reasonable PR ethics and codes of conduct for my company and in general. Shortcuts/exaggerations may seem to hold promise for short-term gain, but will lead to loss in the long run. There is no substitute for a spotless reputation. 9. Ethics

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Don’t forget the value of two-way communication. Feedback is a necessary and valuable tool in connecting with the publics I am charged with. 8. Two-way Communication

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Having a plan for steps I will follow to carry out a PR campaign will make everything run more smoothly. It will allow me to budget and project any obstacles I may face along the way. Back up plans are very useful as well, and the safety net will make me more comfortable as I move ahead. 7. Plan Ahead!!

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Thorough and comprehensive research is a vital part of any PR campaign. If you know where you’ve been, you will know where you are and where you can go. Making a habit of being prepared will make me a better employee and a valuable asset to any PR firm or department. 6. RESEARCH!!!!!

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You wouldn’t want to design a PR campaign for a company that sells text books to college students with a feel that appeals to retirement-aged people! 5. Know the Public I need to make sure I know my audience, through following #3 & #5, as well as being in tune with how the public thinks and what they want.

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When applying for a job in PR, it will be a great asset to have a portfolio full of projects I have worked on. This will strengthen my resume and show that I am already familiar with the techniques needed to succeed in the world of PR. 4. Begin a Portfolio Now

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The field of Public Relations is constantly changing. I must be willing and ready to adapt to new techniques and mediums for fulfilling my job requirements. Adaptability to new environments, etc. will also make me more valuable to my company and will help in applying for new jobs. 3. Be Flexible

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Social media is booming, and many companies are learning how to integrate mediums such as Twitter and Facebook into their PR programs. If I can show that I am well-versed in these areas and am able to integrate these things into PR strategies, this could help me get a job. 2. Social Media

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Yes, I want to make a living using the things I’ve learned in PR. However, this should be fun as well. Using the things I’ve learned to do something I’m passionate about will make it even more worthwhile. 1. Have Fun!