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Shake it Out Music Video A production by Isla Johnston, Bethany Drape, and Laura Dent

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Scene 1: Break Up. • OSS – Jordan, “It’s not working out”. Looks sympathetic. • OSS – Abbie, “Why not?”. Looks angry, can see as she become more annoyed. • LS – Begin arguing, Abbie throws photo frame. • CU – Photo frame cracked.

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Scene 2: Wake up. ECU – Abbie’s eyes, eyes closed. CU – Abbie’s face, eyes opening, waking up. LS – Establishes the setting, Abbie looks confused, MCU - Holds head, LS- Gets up, stumbles, looks around, and begins to walk. LS – TRACK – Follow along path in town. MS – Showing Abbie turn and look at person stood talking on iPhone. CU – Apple on iPhone

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Scene 3: Apple/Snow White CU – Apple in Jordan’s hand. LS – from side (diag) stumbles and drops apple LS – of street, shows apple rolling then after apple leaves shot Jordan follows. CU – Abbies feet, apple stops rolling, Abbie picks up. MCU – Jordan bends down to pick up apple as abbie picks it up. MS – Both look at each other as Abbie hands back the apple.

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Scene 4: Red Riding Hood/Town MS – Walking through town, now has a smile on her face. LS – Walking through town. LS – From behind, following abbie, camera continues on following Red Riding Hood.

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Scene 5: Red Riding Hood/ Picnic LS – Following Red Riding Hood through forest from behind, camera begins to move around showing RRH from a more side on angle, as RRH passes the picnic, the camera shifts focus to it. - MS - Picnic Scene Ensues. - Jordan and Abbie, Laughing, flirting, eating.

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Scene 6: Rose / Town LS – Walking through town MS – Smiling and walking through town LS - Walks past florist. MS – Stopping to look at flowers. CU – Rose.

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Scene 7: Rose / Engagement CU – Rose Petals on the floor, pans out as her feet go past and then follows Abbie down the path for some distance LS – On corner, showing Jordan stood waiting, as Abbie walks around the corner, Jordan gets down on one knee. MCU – Happy face – Abbie

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Scene 8: Town/ Goldilocks MCU – Shaking her head of the memory. Performance Scene? LS – Walking MS – Walking (different angle) Pans from Abbie to a woman walking with a teddy in a bag. MLS – Goldilocks is bumped in to and drops teddy. CU – Teddy on floor

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Scene 9: Goldilocks/Jordan CU - Teddy on floor, hand picks it up. MS- Jordan handing back the teddy to Goldilocks. MCU – Goldilocks saying “Thank you”. OSS – (LS) of Jordan and Goldilocks talking from abbie’s spot. CU – Expression of anger. Shakes head? CU – Fist clenching. MS – Jordan and Goldilocks talking, laughing. Abbie walks from behind the camera and starts shouting at Jordan. MS – opposite direction. Shows Abbie’s face, she’s pointing at Goldilocks but not looking at her, while shouting at Jordan. Jordan keeps getting interrupted.

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Scene 10: Town/ Big Bad Wolf MCU – Pensive expression, still walking. LS – Walking, see dog in distance POV – Dog being walked. CU – Worried /realisation face

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Scene 11: Big Bad Wolf CU – Worried /realisation Face – lifts glass to drink. MLS – Drinking. (fades between many changes of drunkenness) MS – Jordan walks in. “How much have you had?” Shake’s head. MLS – Jordan tries to take the drink. Pushes Jordan. CU – Jordan scared looking stumbling back. MCU – Flickering from Abbie to wolf and back. MLS – Abbie staggering away, not caring

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Scene 12: Town CU – Abbie realisation/ noticing Jordan. LS – Jordan in background leaving shop and stands and waits. LS – Abbie begins to speed up. MCU – Jordan’s reflection in a shop window.

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Scene 13: Mirror Mirror MCU – Jordan’s reflection. MCU – Shoe on stair, pans up the stairs.

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Scene 14: The End MLS – Abbie stops running as we see goldilocks come out of the shop. CU – Abbie looking confused and disorientated. MS – Jordan and Goldilocks flirting and laughing. MLS- Going to sit down. LS – POV - Jordan and Goldilocks hold hands and walk away. CU – Abbie on bench taking off ring. CU – Ring on bench, rocking.

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