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Just this side of Heaven is a place My entire family shed tears the day Mandy crossed the bridge.  My husband,  my mother and I all took her in and held her and gave her kisses as we said our goodbyes.  She was such a kind and gentle soul that we felt a tremendous loss to our family.  She was our cuddle on the bed/couch dog that always made you know you were at home.  She liked to show, she liked to play with sheep but her most favorite things were cuddling and cookies.   She never met an enemy or stranger. Her confidence, movement and type were a credit to the breed but mostly she was a treasure to us.   She was so good with any puppies, dogs, kids or visitors that came through the house.   I can’t really remember her ever doing anything wrong, she was the kind of Belgian even a novice owner could have lived with.  She always came when called (despite she got the least amount of training) and was eager to do anything we were up to.  If we wanted to walk or hike or if we just wanted to be couch potatoes she was always game.  She lived on a farm, in the city and even in an RV when we traveled for work and she adapted to all just as well.  She is who taught my stepson not to be afraid of the dark as she slept on his bed and he knew he was safe.  She would prefer to sleep with us but it’s like she knew he needed her then.   She also gave me a Nike/Mandy litter of which I have an 8 yr old and also a great grandson.  She not only gave me 13 yrs of companionship but the ability to have her and Nike continue on in my lines.   In Jan of 2008 she became ill and was diagnosed with liver failure.   With a homemade diet and meds to soothe her stomach she lived quite happily until a few days before the 2008 national.   She started to slow down and she just wasn’t herself.  We stayed home with her as we wanted to completely focus on her.   It was with heavy hearts we let her cross over the bridge.  She will always be missed and loved  in our household.     Mandy we love you and hope you have lots of cookies, sheep and cuddling until we meet again……….. Love Your family …..Michelle Blount-Jordan/Randy Jordan,Cedar Crest Farms “Ch Windsong Mandolin Melody HIC CGC “Mandy" 3/15/95-5/10/08 (age 13 of liver failure)

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Here comes goodbye Here comes the last time Here comes the start of every sleepless night; the first of every tear I’m gonna cry Here comes the pain Here comes me wishing things had never changed and she was right here in my arms tonight Here comes goodbye ------ Rascal Flatts I miss you my PenPen, my Pig Penny, my Penny the Witch. You were my first conformation dog and my first Tracking Dog (TD). You introduced me to so may new people who have become my very good friends. I will always remember you standing on the hill letting the wind blow through your coat. You were so beautiful when you did. Loved deeply by Karen Collins Windsong’s Minuet TD (Penny) 3/15/91995 - 2/18/2009 Called the

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Willow was Joan Mortons second Terv and first show dog.  She was spoiled rotten by Joan, who delighted in Willow's conversational skills. She was very opinionated ;-)    Her show career was electric, a 4 pt major in Palm Springs, CA and three 5 point majors in one incredible weekend in Harrisburg, PA. She was a champion at 13 months of age.  We had high hopes for this lovely girl but sadly, she began to seizure at about 18 months of age. Willow, from a litter of 6, was the only affected offspring.  Her litter brother was killed in an accident at just under a year, and all sisters are spayed, and alive and doing well in companion homes.   Joan and Willow fought a good fight, but in spite of numerous medications and neuro work-ups, we could not get her seizures under control. Our hearts were broken, but we learned a great lesson thanks to Willow and her relatives.  The lesson?   you cannot be too careful....and don't be in a rush to breed.   Willows dam, Ch. Corsini Terracotta, was three when bred, and she had her first witnessed seizure when those puppies were 4 months old.  Willow's aunt, Corsini Tapestry, began to seizure about the same time....these females were over 3 years old when their first seizures were seen. Willow now can move once again with grace and beauty, and we will remember her legacy...always. Carole Corbin Chimeric Belgians Ch. ThreeRivers Chimeric At Last “Willow” Born March 2006 - Died July 2008 sire:  AKC/UKC Ch. Chimeric Desperado, CD RN dam: Ch. Corsini Terracotta bred  by Bonny and Greg Shepperd and Carole Corbin owned by Joan Morton and Carole Corbin

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When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here Luc was my first dog, my first show dog, my first Belgian Tervuren, my first herding high-in-trial dog, my first Champion, my first obedience dog. My wife Kristina had given him to me as our wedding present. Luc introduced me to new places, new people, new adventures. But more than any thing, Luc was a good dog. He was my boy and he never wanted to be anywhere but with me. And I miss him. Luc lost his battle with stomach cancer on October 30, 2008. He was gone too soon…… Derek Pattison CH Sunset And KO's Final Frontier CD HSAs

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“Shine” CH D’Coeurs Shining Star of Zuni HX 1/09/97 - 2/09/09 From working sheep in herding trials, to working with Wish Kids from Make A Wish, Shine was the perfect Tervuren. Her calm, happy and out-going nature made her many friends near and far. I could always count on Shine for whatever I needed. In working I rarely had to tell her what to do - she would read my mind and I could always count on her to do the right thing, even if she’d never done something before she instinctively knew how to handle just about anything. She loved baby animals - sheep, chicks, puppies. Words can not express how much we miss you. We miss you Shine. Cathy and Charlie Modica

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That pet goes to the Rainbow Bridge My angel dog, my protector, My ever so willing partner, My ever so tolerant sheltie-sitter, My glorious, funny, intelligent, patient, Token, aka Mr T, aka T-man Stepped thru the veil and waits patiently at The Bridge.    -vonnie taylor, MN CH NICHA Judicial Imperative EAC OJC NCC NW TG-N TN-N  (Token) 09/26/98 – 01/22/09

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How do you describe in a few short words your most loyal best friend? Ace worked with me, played with me, kept me grounded and happy. His devotion from the day of his adoption showed no bounds. Ace came to us as a “re-homed” dog. His gratitude seemed endless. With us he soon learned how to be a dog. It was incredible to watch as he discovered how to hike on trails, swim (or at least wade), chase chipmunks while camping, roll in the snow and to play with other younger dogs! His delight was infectious! Ace played a huge part in our family’s life. He suffered no fools. He had an unerring capacity for understanding a person’s character. So when he “chose” to become close to both our daughter-in-law and later our son-in-law, we knew they were good folks! He decided upon meeting them that they should be part of the family. (This before any mention of marriage on part of the humans.) Ace was loved by all who knew him. He always had quiet dignity. He was a beautiful dog, too showing all the outstanding characteristics of his breed. Had it not been for a shoulder operation early in his life, he probably would have been a champion. Ace always kept us herded up tight. He had to keep track of ALL of his people! (He was known to herd the waves at the ocean.) Ace was healthy until February, 2007 when he contracted hemangiosarcoma. But even during his struggling months he continued to try to guide and protect his family. He showed grace always. He showed us how to live and die. We will never ever forget our “Flying Ace.” Sky Acres Flying Ace April 22, 1995-April 21, 2007 Loved and missed by all but especially the McKenzie Family

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Xandor du Mas de Beautyas AX, OAJ, AAD Peaceful dreams, dear Xan. You were much loved. Please be sure that you have provided for your dogs! Derede Arthur, Salinas, CA . There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends, Xan came into my life when he was three years old. He was one of about 35  tervuren left destitute when a longtime Belgian breeder died intestate, without providing for any of her dogs.  Her brother (next-of-kin), called ABTC and said any dogs not gone in a week would be euthanized.  So a bunch of us, led by Pat Weymouth, descended upon the LA home and kennel to clean, evaluate, and transport as many dogs as we could.  A few young ones who had lived their whole lives in kennels had to be euthanized: they were too afraid of people.  Xan was one of the young, unsocialized ones, but though he was very frightened, he was not aggressive. Since I had recently lost my only terv, I had time on my hands and volunteered to bring Xan home to evaluate and help ABTC rescue place him.  He never left. Xan lived like a ghost at our house for several months: we let him come and go until he felt comfortable letting us get closer. It probably took a year before my husband could approach him.  He remained skittish his whole life, but gradually became more and more comfortable with people if they offered him patient affection.    He loved puppies and playing with (not herding!) sheep, and was one of the gentlest, kindest souls I've ever known.  As the years went by, he just couldn't get enough affection.  It was like he was making up for all the attention he'd never had in his early years. Xan did agility with me for about 18 months but found trials stressful so I retired him.  He was our resident Comfort King and puppy tender.  This past September, what we thought was a respiratory infection turned out to be lymphosarcoma.  Chemo brought him respite for about a month but in October we had to say goodbye. He was only nine years old. We like to think that the nearly seven years he had with us brought him as much pleasure as it did us.

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It is with a broken heart I have to tell all the many friends of the Beautiful Cara that she has passed through this life to what ever adventures lie in wait for her next. Cara was more then a National Specialty Winner and Top Winning Show dog, she was a top producing bitch with 4 specialty winning offspring to her credit to date and multiple specialty winning grand-offspring and great-grand offspring as well. Even more outstanding was Cara's outstanding breed ambassador qualities and in 12.5 yrs of life, Cara never met a stranger that she did not greet like a life long friend. Cara was born March 5, 1995 in England.  She was bred by Marcelle King. She was imported by Betsy Keating, Arlequin Belgian Tervuren and produced Betsy's "C" litter, sired by English Import, Ch.Moorslede Golden Touch,NA,CD that litter produced the 1998 ABTC RWB. In 2001 at the age of 6yrs old, after winning the ABTC National, Betsy Keating graciously allowed Cara to come and spend the rest of her life at my house after she and I had shared many adventures (including winning the National) in the show ring..  Cara produced my "D" litter in 2002 and her final litter, my "E" litter in 2005. While I no longer have Cara here with me, she lives in my heart and more importantly I still share a bit of her through her two Sons, Multi Grp Placer Ch Arlequin Cajun BlackFyre,TT,HIC and Ch BlackFyre Dare to be Wyld,HIC and her daughter, BlackFyre Emotions Run Wyld, plus her grandson, BISS/Multi Grp Winning/Ch BlackFyre Absolutely Wyld,HIC and her great-grand daughter BlackFyre Giant Leap. Thank you Cara for all you've done for my kennel and for passing on your loving, sweet nature and elegance combined with all the other qualities I value in a Belgian Tervuren. Gone, but never, ever to be forgotten.   Good Night Sweetheart.... Goodnight.... 2001 ABTC National Specialty BOB, 2004 ABTC Best Veteran Sweeps, 1996 ABTC RWB, Multiple Grp Winning, Am/Can Ch. Belamba Paramour,TT,HIC. March 1995 - August 2007 “Cara” Owned by Karyn C Cowdrey BlackFyre Tervuren.

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So that they can run and play together. UAG1 Tacara's Intrepid Intrigue HIC CD TDI “Trigue” 4/19/1993-1/15/2008 Trigue was my first Tervuren and the start of a love of the breed that continues today. She was an awesome obedience dog, but did not enjoy it. Her love was as a therapy dog. She worked with the families and rescue workers from the Murrah bombing and gave such comfort. She worked with troubled teens, rehab persons, the elderly and loved it all. She raised 4 puppies for me and gave the 5th a wonderful start in life. She came out of retirement at age ten to do Freestyle. She loved to work and was active and loving till the moment she passed. Play well my sweet girl. I will see you again. Donna Unsell in Edmond,OK with: Bandol,Koda and Belina  LIFE IS FULL OF VERVE WHEN YOU SHARE IT WITH A TERV!!!

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For 13 years and 8 months Blue collar puppy, known as "Chunk" from the "H" Toujour Jeune litter and later to become the well titled dog to the right, and known to me as Hunter, Hunter Punter, Hunner dog, Poo Poo butt, stinky butt, Poodle dog , Poo dog , and most of all my heart and soul dog has been my Sunshine. Today, it was time to dim the sun and watch some clouds roll in, and let him leave me.  Being the great and so devoted dog he was, he would not voluntarily go, even when old age started to take a serious toll, so this morning Roger and I helped Hunter go.  As he did everything in his life, his ending was with me at his side telling him what a great dog he is and that he is the best there ever will be. Hunter and I had a ritual that we'd do when I was a bit down... He'd come lay his head in my lap and I'd sing him a little song... You are my Sunshine... My only Sunshine... You make me happy when skies are grey... You'll never know dear... How much I love you.... Please don't take my sunshine away..." Today my sunshine left but in his usual way, he left giving me a nuzzle and telling me things were going to be OK... Thank you to Lori and Kelly Keele, Hunter's breeders and for many years, co-owners, for deciding that "Chunk" puppy, even though extra special,  could come and live with me.  He was loved well, spent most every night of his life from 8 wks on, on my bed or at the floor next to me, and had many other great dog buddies to boss around, play with and keep him 'working'.  He had sheep for awhile, he traveled across the US many times and made many, many friends and was the best Ambassador to our breed that could ever be. He loved to do anything I wanted him to do.  From hanging out in the car as my 'truck buddy‘, to showing, to obedience, to just hanging out with me at home.  His show record was impressive, especially for the region we live in, but what shown was his true brilliant mind and desire to do anything in the world I asked him to try. While my sunshine has left me, I know that where ever I see the brightest star in the sky at night, that will be Hunter reminding me he still shines a bit brighter than the rest. “It's OK buddy, you can go now.... Good boy... I love you" BISS/ABTC Select/Multi Group Placing Am/Can Champion Hunter Toujours Jeune, CD, TT, HIC August 26, 1994 - June 21,2008 Owner:  Karyn C Cowdrey, BlackFyre Tervuren

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There is plenty of food, water and sunshine La Terre du Ciele El Dakota NA, NAJ, CGC “Dakota” (Dad) 04/1994 – 11/2008 (hemangiosarcoma) Ric-O-Shay’s Shawnee OA, NAJ, CGC “Shawnee” (Mom) 08/1996-05/2007 (kidney failure) Cherokee Meadow Seneca OA, CGC “Seneca” (Son) 07/1997-11/2008 (insulinoma) Cherokee Meadow Raven AX, OAJ “Raven” (Son) 07/1997-11/2006 (cardiomyopathy) If I had to choose again, I would still choose this family. Always loved, forever remembered. Greatly missed by daughter Shasta and Ellen Pauly

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Goodbye my girl. You were part of my life for almost 15 years and will now be part of me forever. I remember picking you up. You screamed in the crate that I had seat belted into the passenger seat. I was getting ready to turn around and return you…what a scream. I stopped for gas and when I got back in the car you had settled into an upside down Belgian pose and remained that way for the rest of the trip. There was always a bit of the devil in you. You were unique with your fear of ceiling fans and closing a book…yet you didn’t fear thunder or gun shots. You loved chewing holes in my clothes and it was extra fun to work something out of a draw or steal it from the top of the dryer. You thought that you were a terrier…you loved digging for voles. You were pretty good at getting them when you were young. As you aged your outcomes were less successful, but your attitude and intensity never changed. When at 12 you were digging for voles and got turned over like a turtle on its back, I righted you and you went right back for the voles. Agility was your thing. We had so much fun training, traveling and competing together. You were my first agility dog and taught me more than I taught you. I have many happy memories and some funny ones, too. And I few, I would probably rather forget. You would wait outside the closet door every morning to get one of my slippers. Of course, you would hold it for ransom! But, in the end I got my slipper. Most of all, I will remember how you were always there for me. Even when Cash died, I think you had been ready to go, but hung on for awhile. When you stopped eating and drinking again, I knew you were saying goodbye. So I had to let you go. Say hello to Cash and all the others who went before you. Enjoy your new journey, girlfriend…I love you. La Terra du Ciele Equity, “many titles that do not seem important just now” Venture April 6, 1994 – February 2, 2009 Loved by Elaine Asper

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And our friends are warm and comfortable AKC group 4 from Veterans class, UKC BISSw Veteran, 2003; BISSw Tervuren, 2007 Samba was the dog of my heart.  She was to be the foundation bitch for Brytwater, my kennel. She stole my heart and that of many others as a youngster and as a mature and senior dog.  She loved to show from the very start, and seemed to be ring ready from day one. She won her AKC CH under well respected Breeder-Judges.  She loved to be the center of attention wherever she was. Her obedience career was short-lived and particularly unspectacular.  She got her CD in 3 trials with almost the lowest scores possible.  Her herding instinct was non-existent.  Her concept of sheep was:  “can I eat the sheep poop?” Her job was always to look beautiful and charm strangers out of food.  Samba crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 1, 2008 in her own house on her own couch, with her head on my lap.  I miss her every day. Maury Mills February 13, 1995-December 1, 2008 AKC/UKC CH Samba Del Segadal CD

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Cash aka Cashew - I called him Cashew because he was a nut. Quite literally, he made me smile or laugh every day that I was blessed to have him. On January 2, I cried instead. I remember the night that I brought him home at eight weeks old. I had him out for his last “exercise” of the night. He came back with a toy. I laughed and said we would leave that outside and threw it back out. He ran and brought it back again. It was a grungy outside toy, so I placed it down again. He brought it back again…so in it came. And it was a rare thing to see my Cash without a toy. He loved his toys right until the day he died…and I hope that he is still playing with them by the bridge. The neighborhood kids loved him and he loved anybody who would play with him. Cash always brought toys back…no keep away games with him…although he would find someone who would throw it further or faster if he could. You could almost see him roll his eyes if you couldn’t throw a ball. He was a “leaner”. When he met someone new, he “leaned” (unless of course they had a toy). And if I told him to stand up, he” leaned” even more and gave a heavy “humph”. What a fun agility dog. But, beware, he was a hind end poker if he didn’t think you were doing it right. Most people thought it was funny until he did it to them! He would walk behind me looking for good opportunities. It was also the way he greeted me when I came in the house. Was he perfect? No. But he was good, he was smart, he was willing, he was so much fun, he was my friend and I love him. On the sad Friday morning of January 2, he left me. I carried him and his green toy on a rope to the car for our last trip together. Goodbye, my friend. I love you. Cachet Noir Take It to the Limit, “titles that aren’t important right now” Cash March 28, 2002 – January 2, 2009 Loved by Elaine Asper

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All the animals who had been ill or old are restored to health and vigor. When I first saw Cruzer, I fell in love with him. He was a little furry ball. He was such a great Belgian Tervuren. He was my best friend and I could talk to him about anything and he kept mum. When we traveled I felt safe with him as my protector. Even though he had his own agenda in the show ring, that was okay with me as I knew he could do all the various exercises as he did them in training. Most of all I will miss him for just being who he was…. CRUZER.   July of 2004 he became ill with Thiamine deficiency which attacked his nervous system and he developed a edema on his brain stem, which cause him to be paralyzed. This illness just snuck up on us. The Doctors gave him Vitumn B-1 and he recovered but was left with some weakness in his back legs. We noticed he was dragging his back feet again and having other issues. The deficiency left him with nerve damage which was very hard for us to cope with. We had to make the horrible decision to let him go to Rainbow Bridge on Nov. 17,2008. We will love him forever as he was our best friend and a friend to many others. He will be in My heart forever. Mona & Jim O'Gorman U-CDX Sanroyals Mystic Shado Cruzer AKC-CDX, ASCA-CDX, HIT, AKC-RAE June 4, 2003-Nov 17, 2008

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Vegas May 22 1998- Aug 27 2007 This is Vegas with his little brother Reno who he adored and Silky who he thought was his mama. When Vegas was just a few months old he would run full out to jump on the couch, take his leap too early and land face first into the front of the couch. He was such a sweet boy. When he was just over a year we moved to Las Vegas from Seattle. He loved the sunshine. When we put a pool in he thought it was just for him. The next picture is him giving kisses after a swim with his daddy and brother Reno. I would be in the backyard playing with them and all of a sudden he would stop with his nose straight in the air and run to the door cause he knew daddy was home from work. The pix with the ears plastered and the glow in his eye is when he would first see his daddy. . In 2004 he became diabetic along with our cat and his buddy Scan. He knew when it was shot time or blood test time he and Scan both would lay right down to get it done .He was so smart and knowing we were helping him, he is the one who taught Scan to lay down with him. He was the best patient. He loved everyone. He loved everything including flowers; he would go out in the morning and smell the Mexican Evening Prim rose. We always knew because of the yellow pollen on his black face. He and Reno were out with us when we put the garden in. It is now his memorial garden. We cry when the flowers bloom cause we always know he’s sending us a message. We had a bond so close that he knew what we were thinking and visa versa. He never had any diabetic problems, it was a shock to us that one day he had a stiff neck and a few days later he passed on. He had spinal meningitis. Just like that, he was gone. It was absolutely the most shocking and untimely loss. We think of our boy every single day and my husband (his daddy) never ever leaves the house without first kissing his picture. We both have a necklace with his ashes in it so we will never be far apart. We have so many wonderful memories of him. We love you so very, very much Vegie…… Mama , Daddy, Brother Reno, Angel Silk, Angel Hoggy, Your buddies Baybay and Scan

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Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again. He was blind last few years of his life, but stomach cancer was the reason for euthanasia. You were my first Terv. You were wise, friendly and so loveable. I always thought you had a sense of humor. Your passionate character taught me to act calm. You comforted me when I needed it. I always could trust you. You were on same side as me. You were nice to everybody, but didn't love all the people in the world. But those you did love, could really see it. You're in my heart forever. .. I hope you see all the old friends and someone is throwing you toys so you can fetch…... Kuunsirpin Easter Bunny ”Vallu” 05.04.1996-20.08.2008 Missing You!! Sari Lukkala from Finland You are always in my dreams...

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Just as we remember them  Search & Rescue K-9 Diana sacrificed her life in the line of duty, during a search training exercise on a misty night when visibility was poor. She died instantly as the result of a 12’ fall from an unsuspected overhang into a gully filled with bricks. My team helped bury her on family property, beside her consort, SAR K-9 Max (2/22/93-9/19/06), who had cherished her faithfully in life, and predeceased her by less than a year. One moment, she was my sassy Princess, full of life and fire and attitude, supremely confident that the world was created to amuse and adore her. The next, she was gone. Her joyful enthusiasm for her work; the eagerness with which she threw her heart into giving her best and boldly tackling every challenge; and the exuberant delight and pride she took in "showing off" her expert skills—poised, charming and gracious to strangers—all made Diana a perfect ambassador at SAR demos.    She was a born showgirl who loved the spotlight and the attention of the audience—and she made people smile.   I have been amazed and humbled by the outpouring of sympathy, and the realization of how many people loved Diana, and how many lives she touched during her life of service. I am proud to have had such a special partner, and thankful that she left me in a blaze of glory—happy, triumphant, at the top of her game, knowing she was loved and valued—and without suffering. She left beautiful sons and daughters, but none can rival her at her greatest skill—as master communicator of her overflowing joy in life and her love for me. ………Till later, Diana SAR K-9 Diana “Just-a-Wynter Witchcraft”, CGC, Major Ptd. NASAR K-9 SAR Tech III-Wilderness Area Search NOCDS certified in Article Search, Building Search Beloved Partner of Judy Otto October 29, 1999-Sept. 5, 2007

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Jimmy and his “sister” Bacci (Cachet Noir X's and O's, CGC) Ch. SummerWynd Eye Spy HT, HOF “Jimmy Bob” Honorary “Terv” and Best Friend of Mary Cerreto After 20 years of owning collies, I never knew what a Belgian Terv was, never mind thinking that my introduction to the Terv world would be through a wonderful Black Dog named Jimmy Bob. But there he sat on Dennette Cockley’s couch, all five years of himself, engendering a big laugh immediately from me with his silly smile and bid for attention. I told Dennette that I’d be glad to look at her pups, but that I wanted one who would turn out just like Jimmy. Dana Mackonis, my introduction to Dennette, pulled me aside. “You should ask her for Jimmy,” Dana told me. “She has two litters coming, always reserves space in case a pup needs to return, and won’t be able to breed Jimmy.” As I asked Dennette whether she would consider selling Jimmy to me, she burst into tears. It took six months of following Dennette and Jimmy around to every conformation trial in New England before she introduced me as “Jimmy’s new mom”! So that July in 2000 when Judge Saltzman awarded Jimmy his final two Group points for his Hall of Fame, I took him home to Massachusetts, and thus began one of this world’s most wonderful love stories! This beautiful dog, number one Groen in conformation in September of 1999, was “retired” because of a cataract. Retired was about the last word I would use for my next seven years with this companion of mine, although I do think he missed his buddy Tanner as his best friend in the ring! Jimmy played in agility, obedience and herding. He ate us out of house and home and introduced me to the brilliance of the Belgian Shepherd; we had to lock the kitchen door since he learned how to open it! He herded children at every picnic where he pranced his way into everyone’s heart. And nothing would stop him. After his first surgery for a tumor, he JUMPED into the car from the Tufts Animal Hospital. I thought I’d need emergency treatment for the vet at that point. When the tumor came back two years later when Jimmy was 12, we knew we would let him quietly live out that none-too-quiet life of his. Despite us watching the tumor get larger and larger, you’d never know our boy was sick. He decided to stay around just long enough to greet our new Terv girl Bacci and let her know what was expected! The day our Jimmy stopped eating, we knew it was time to say Goodbye. As he lay on my lap in the Vet’s office, I clapped for him. He raised his head as I’m sure he said to me, “Yea, if they have shows at the Rainbow Bridge, I’ll win those too. And I’ll wait, with love, for you.”

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In our dreams of days and times gone by Multi BISS Am/Can CH StarBright Keep the Dream, CDX NA HT 7/9/95 – 9/2/2008 CH Perfect of the Two x CH StarBright Fait Accompli, TDX Bred by Sharon & Ed Redmer Owned by Dianne L. Allen Triton is pictured here at 12 years old. He had a wonderful show career with limited exposure as a special. He won two BISS awards, along with four National Selects and two Regional Awards of Merit. His performance career saw him win an Obedience HIT out of Open B, 1st place wins in Agility and even managed to achieve a Herding HT with his totally inept handler (me). Triton was my first “special” I ever showed and my first dog to win the ABTC Versatile Tervuren award. He will always have a special place in my heart. Dianne L. Allen

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CH. MAGIC STORM’S DEVASTATION   CKC - CD, CDX, AGN, AGI, TD, BH, CGN, TDI AKC - CH, CD, CDX, RN, NA, NAJ, OA, OJ, AX, ,AXJ, TD, VCD1, VCD2;   NADAC - NGC, NJC, NAC, OAC, OGC;  (Belgian Tervuren) High in Trial winner Feb. 2, 1996 – Nov. 28, 2007  Devon was given to me by friend and student, Gail Gumbos Smith. She had a litter of  puppies and I had just lost my German Shepherd and she offered me a puppy. I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him.  He was a perfect example of the breed and was both beautiful and intelligent.  He was my friend and companion and he will be in my heart forever……..    Jerry Burke

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CH MACH LaBarge’s Partner In Crime, UD “Crook” 1997 – 2009 (CH Winjammers One For the Road, CDX,TDX,HT x CH LaBarge’s Other Katie Scarlett, OA,OAJ) Crook was indeed my partner in many venues - he finished his championship by eighteen months, earned his UD and MACH by the age of eight. His first love was agility and he did obedience only because I asked it of him and it was his nature to please me. I don’t think he ever met anyone he didn’t like - he was a wonderfully sweet and loving dog. I thank Roger and Shirley LaBarge and Roberta Whitesides for the privilege of sharing my life with him. He is greatly missed by his family, his Terv younger “brother” and his very own wicked Siamese cat. PJ Laursen & Denny Tomlian Jamestown, TN

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The animals are happy and content, On a beautiful and sunny autumn day, Trek said "Mom, let's go out and play". After only a few tosses of his precious ball, he said "I think it's time to say goodbye to all". One last visit with the sheep, under the watch of others they will keep. I sent my heart to the bridge today, with an endless supply of Kongs for play. Gone too soon, with little time to prepare, sometimes life seems so unfair. In no more pain and fancy free, I know that Trek will be there, waiting for me. AKC/UKC CH Mahagonny's Southern Cross HSAs JHD TT FCT TM (Swedish Import) “Trek” March 29, 1998 - November 6, 2008 (lost to gastric carcinoma ) Loved and missed by Melissa Poage

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Except for one small thing; My beautiful, sweet Morgan. She finished her championship at a young age winning multiple Best of Breeds over Specials. She had such promise and I expected her to be in my future for many years, but sadly, she was taken from me by cancer shortly after her second birthday. Loved and missed by Connie Perdue Ch. Rougemont Plaisir de Fantaisié (Pleasure of Fantasy). March 10, 2005 - June 30, 2007

Slide 27

They each miss someone very special to them, Who had to be left behind. I remember the day I got the phone call; I was on my deck relishing the beautiful blue sky bright with warm Spring sun. That moment is burned into my memory by the words that came through the telephone: she told me Jeep was dying. My gut wrenched and my mind whirled…”not THIS dog, not THIS team!” Memories came flashing back…….BIS multi BISS, multi Select, CT Ch. O Tahn Agon Cinema Duet HT – although only 7 years old Beth and Jeep had accomplished more than most of us will achieve in a lifetime of dogs…and they always did it together, a Pas de Deux, a duet, how aptly he was named. And though there are many with as stellar conformation careers NOT ONE OTHER DOG did what he did….proving what we already know: that Tervs can be beautiful, correct to the standard and excel in high level performance…Jeep was the first dog of ANY breed to be an all breed AKC Best In Show winning Champion Tracker. A history making Terv and amongst such a talented breed, extremely difficult to do. He died the way he lived, gallantly, with Beth by his side. The one challenge he could not overcome for her. Yet even in death Jeep continues to impact our breed by lending his likeness and his reputation to help raise awareness and financial assistance to the Michigan State University Gastric Carcinoma Cancer study – it was his last gift and possibly his greatest. Whether on the green carpet of the Westminster group ring or the green lawns of the Biltmore mansion, Jeep only needed to understand Beth’s dreams to accomplish them. His beauty and talent were only surpassed by his charm and though he may have wooed you with kisses in your ear – he was always waiting for HER to return…… ….and he still is……. Lovingly submitted by: Brooke Cole Beth Walker’s BIS multi BISS multi Select CT CH O Tahn Agon Cinema Duet HT “the Jeep” 8/3/00 – 5/29/08

Slide 28

They all run and play together, We said good-bye to a very special boy last year. Jet was the happiest, most fun dog and he made all his friends smile when they watched him in agility or obedience competitions. He finished his Championship with style and grace, as his structure and movement was poetry in motion when you watched him gait around the ring. He was an awesome agility dog and I often felt like he should interview people to get a new handler, as he saved me many more times on courses than I care to admit. He was such an honest worker, always trying to do his best for his mommy and smiling all the while. This picture was taken in my back yard, when we were just playing around with a new camera, and it shows his smile and the life that he gave to everything he did. I miss him terribly and he will always hold a special place in my heart. What an awesome journey we had together; Jet taught me much about dogs, life and myself, and such a patient teacher he was! Loved and missed by Jo Fain CH. MONAMI ARIZONA JET STREAM CDX, RE, NAJ, OA

Slide 29

But the day comes when one suddenly stops Banshee was a show girl, my princess and clown. She was the one to turn my husband into a dog person. The ‘shee loved the show ring and though she didn’t show much, she was rarely beaten when she did. She loved hiking with us, her naturally inquisitive nature got her into trouble every now and again... like the time she rolled backwards paws over tail down a hill after an angry pika bit her for sticking her nose in his house! She was taken much too soon by Leptospirosis, but she left us with an amazing legacy. She remains forever the soul of Cerulean. We love you ‘shee……. Kara Lounsbury Cerulean Belgian Tervuren CH Maximum Cerulean Banshee CD HCT-s TT 4/8/2001-2/5/2009

Slide 30

And looks into the distance. Jon-Luc was whelped in my living room and was my beloved life-long companion. He never lost his puppy-ish enthusiasm for life. He loved his ball and his squeaky toys, and was a gentle playmate to all kitties. He never got a chance to be a show dog, but he excelled in agility and was a natural herder. He had the sweetest, most loving, and most endearing ways of any dog I’d ever had. Sleep well my boy, you are greatly missed! Pat Bird Jon-Luc Ombre de louve 2/10/97-11/13/08

Slide 31

OTCH Gallery's Apparition UDX, MX, MXJ, TD, HS, otherwise known as Mina, was my first dog. We tried everything together, learning as we went. Mina flew through her obedience titles. From novice to OTCH she only NQ’d once. When we set out to get our UDX, I told her if she was going to get her OTCH she had 10 tries to do it in. Turned out that was no problem. She was 4 years old then. I decided we should try some other venues then and dipped our toes into agility, herding and tracking.  Mina loved to listen to my telephone conversations and it was like she was watching a tennis match when my husband and I were talking. We learned to spell certain words, but it didn't take her very long to figure that out. Mina could go anywhere and do anything. She always owned the place. Needless, to say, she was a strong independent personality. She never let us forget she was our equal in every way. Mina was my first and best teacher. She sits forever in our hearts. Thank you Rebecca (MITZI) Allen and Paul Mack OTCH Gallery's Apparition UDX, MX, MXJ, TD, HS “Mina” Her bright eyes are intent. Her eager body quivers

Slide 32

Suddenly he begins to run from the group  “WYLIE” CH ZEPHYRE FAN THE FLAME CD TD AX OAJ VCD1 April 21, 1992-September 13, 2008 (CH Tacara’s XIV Karat Richilieu X U-CD U-AGII CH Charsar Zephyr Sierra CDX HT AX AXJ NAC-V OJC-V SAD TT CGC TDI, P-BAR) Bred/co-owned by Joni L. Freshman, DVM Zephyre Belgian Tervuren Owned/trained/handled/loved by: Lynn R. Fruchey DVM Wylie was a special boy from the start. Everyone who met him fell in love with him. He was Lynn’s first (and only!) Terv, and in his long, accomplished life, he helped raise numerous Gordon Setter litters. His patience with the puppies was legendary. Wylie finished his CH with 4 majors, all with Lynn handling him. Joni took him to two nationals, where he bookmarked his career with a first place in 9-12 months puppies under Roberta Whitesides, and a 2nd place in 10-12 yr veterans under Mikki Capparelli. Wylie enjoyed everything he did with Lynn. Their CD was earned in three shows with nice scores, his TD was a surprise from Lynn, for me, when Wylie was 12 years old. Agility was great fun for both of them. Lynn’s only regret was that AKC would not let him run in Junior Hunter, as she was certain he would have done well. He especially enjoyed water retrieving. All who met Wylie were enriched by him—he was a great ambassador for the breed. Smiley Wylie, we know you are running free, waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, and probably getting bossed around by your Mom. We will always love you—you were a great dog.

Slide 33

Flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. “COOPER” CH ZEPHYRE PARAMOUNT PRODUCTION TT June 1, 1994-November 3, 2008 (CH Camarade Kahn O’ Crocs Blancs CD X U-CD U-AGII CH Charsar Zephyr Sierra CDX HT AX AXJ NAC-V OJC-V SAD TT CGC TDI, P-BAR) Breeder: Joni L. Freshman, DVM Owners: Lisa and Jay Burgan Cooper was a wonderful dog—he never met a person or dog he didn’t like, nor did he ever have a bad day. He was a great ambassador for the breed, and just a sweet, sweet, boy. He finished at 16 months, to the delight of his family—Lisa, Jay, Courtney and Brittany Burgan. He was WD at the Greeley supported show under Edeltraud Laurin in 1995.  He raised two girls from young children to adults.  He was funny, smart, and loving. Cooper loved to hang out with family and friends, getting petted and watching hockey on TV. My favorite story, of many about Cooper, was how, when Lisa’s mom was babysitting the kids, Cooper came out of Courtney’s room with some Lego’s—which he had cracked—and brought them to grandma. He then disappeared back into the bedroom and returned with scotch tape, which he deposited next to the broken Lego’s—with a clear request to please fix them! Cooper introduced Lisa and Jay to Belgian Tervuren-and started a lifelong friendship between them and myself, and later my new husband, David. We treasure that relationship and find it so fitting that Cooper, that sweet boy who never had a bad thought for person or dog, was the one who started it all. Cooper Anne, we miss you. Run free, sweet boy.

Slide 34

You have been spotted, I cannot think of Kaos without considering all the dogs that have come before him and left a mark in their wake.  I see him daily along the trails around my farm; by the rock and the tree, and running along the paths. To grieve for one is to grieve for many.  He was my first Tervuren.   He lived a long happy productive active life for which I am grateful.  Along the way he took me herding, tracking, into the breed ring, and the obedience - winning awards in all to become a ‘Versatile Terv’.  But titles didn’t matter much when it came down to the everyday stuff called love and companionship in which he excelled beyond measure.     He did not die alone. He crossed the bridge at home in his own bed with his very special friend & fellow Belgian, Groenendael Gaea.  In their older years they watched out for each other and were often side by side and so we let them go together and they were cremated together.   She was almost 17 and he was 15 ½ .    It was time and they were ready.  I am forever grateful for the world they created for me.  I miss you - Kaos, Big Guy, Broccoli Man   Group Placing UKC CD AKC CH Bonheur Appalachian Coda Kaos, HS, CDX, TD, CGC, ASCA STDsd, OTDs “Kaos” 5/5/93 - 9/6/08 Loved and missed by Court Bennett and Suzanne T. White Not to be left behind…. Kaos’ very special friend - CH BISS Witch Hollow's Gaea D' or HT, CD, CGC 2/8/92 - 9/6/08 Shown below at age 15

Slide 35

If tears could build a stairway And heartache make a lane, I’d walk the path to heaven And bring you back again. Our family chain is broken, And nothing seems the same. But as God calls us one by one, The chain will link again.   Until we meet again . . . Mama, Dada, Hallie & Hannah Quigley Taylor Hoffman (“Quigs”) December 21, 1996 – April 8, 2009

Slide 36

And when you and your special friend finally meet, Ch Acajou et Chimay Gigolo, CGC 05/06/1996 – 01/22/2009 He had many Group placings. He was a Top-Ten Terv. He has numerous titled children and grandchildren. He had the dignity of Ch Elysee (Ch Elysee De Mont-Cenis C/O BAR), one of his ancestors, and the showmanship of Ch Regina (BISS CH Regina's Echo De Bonheur CD C/O BAR) (my foundation bitch). His charisma made him a spectator’s favorite and I became “Gigolo’s Mother” to his friends and admirers. But above all, he was my Gigolo; my pet, my friend. Charles and I loved him. We miss him. Sometimes, for a brief moment, I forget he is no longer at my side and I call his name along with the other dogs. I am sure he hears me – and cocks his head. Violette and Charles Wilson Tervuren de Mont-Cenis

Slide 37

You cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. Empty Arms by Sharon Webb Our arms were empty that February day. As we came and watched the puppies at play. Our plan was just one for the daughter so small. But plans have a way of fooling us all. An extra pup attached to the side of daughter Leslie, along for the ride. Our arms were full of puppy breath and fur And hopes that Dad would soon concur. “Can we keep them?” became the phrase that day. He shook his head yes…..what else could he say! Gena and Leslie soon became one. From home to show ring or just having fun. Our arms were full of ribbons and love. God had blessed us with gifts from above. The years went by in the blink of an eye. And then the day came when we sat down to cry. Cancer they said had come to stay. And we and our friends for Gena would pray. Our arms were full of medicine and hope. Gena’s smile and spirit would help us to cope. Our arms are empty this August day. For over the Bridge does Gena now play. UKC Group winner, AKC Regional AOM and BOSV Sweeps AKC/UKC CH Starr Creek's La Genevieve Exquise CD RA HIC TT CGC "Gena"   January 3,1998 – August 28, 2008 (Nasal Cancer -Chondrosarcoma) rest well sweet princess…….

Slide 38

The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, sbw

Slide 39

And you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, HC Juvan’s Wotan Von Wagner Born: 9-24-1994 Died: 3-16-2009 Sire: CH Iceman de la Grande Lande Dam: DC Meije I have a very sad heart and want to pay tribute to my special Wotan. He was truly special to me; because he was the son of my first Belgian, DC Mooie Meije. He was a gorgeous example of the perfect Belgian in every way. I was always so proud to go anywhere with him. He was my guardian angel. I always felt safe when I was with him. He is my second Herding Champion; his mother my first. His eyes would say it all, he was kind and strong. He could move the most stubborn sheep with his presence. He had enthusiasm with all that he did. He was a pleaser. I never had a male dog. I couldn’t resist him from the moment he entered this world. I miss you “my handsome man”, OH how I MISS you. Judy Vanderford

Slide 40

THE ONE THAT STARTED IT ALL ...is gone. My first Belgian, my beloved Magic, has made the journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Her only title was "Champion of My Heart."  She was my demo dog for obedience classes and did a fantastic job.  We competed in obedience a few times, and she did very well on everything except long sits and downs--she didn't like being away from her mom that long ;-)  She was more than a "velcro dog"--she was my "super glue girl". That sad day last July, when I put her in the car, she had such a relaxed expression on her beautiful face.  I tried to keep in constant physical contact with her all the way to the vet and at the vet's, right up until the end. In my dog-trainer role, I often explain to people about how a dog picks up on the owner's moods/emotions:  if we're happy, the dog is happy; if we're upset, the dog is upset. But Magic was not upset or nervous at all, despite my crying in her fur.  All her life, she hated it when I cried.  But this time, she was very calm and relaxed, bumping my hand and face with her muzzle to make me smile. For the first time since she lost her sight, I felt that she was looking into my eyes, not just looking up because she knew my face was up there somewhere...it was an odd feeling...I felt that she was telling me that she understood and it was okay. I am so very, very grateful to Magic's breeder, Nancy Vida, for taking a chance on a first-time Belgian owner!  Back then I didn't know that Belgians were such a wonderful addiction--you can't have just one ;-)  But getting ready for bed my first night without her, I wondered, how can a room with 7 Belgians and a cat feel so empty? :-(   Magic, it's so hard to write this tribute to you because nothing I write seems good enough for you.  Just know that I loved you then, love you still, and miss you terribly. Chienbrun Abracadabra “Magic” Sept. 28, 1996 - July 15, 2008 Kate Stephenson Genesis Belgians

Slide 41

So long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. We lost our beloved Pixie on February 26th. She did best what a dog is meant to do – she loved us. She was a shepherd who never saw a sheep, instead she helped us raise our “lamb”. Heidi was eight when we brought Pixie home. She spent twelve hours in the back seat with a little ball of fluff that would become her only “sibling” and her best friend. They spent hours exploring the woods and fields by our house and telling secrets in her room. She never did any of the things that bring fame or glory to an owner or breeder but she played tag and hide-and –go-seek like she meant it – smiling her goofy, lopsided grin and snorting and laughing with joy when she found someone or snuck past Harvey’s outstretched arms. She was nearly unbeatable in soccer – you couldn’t get a ball past her. She was our first dog. She taught us so much about this amazing breed. We will never forget her funny, crooked “smile”, the pure joy with which she chased laser pointers in the house and swallow shadows in the front yard (she would sit under the swallow house and wait for them to come out) or how excited she got when she saw me putting on my “going for a LONG walk” clothes in the morning. We buried her beside the garden that she loved to guard. We will always miss her. Klaar’s Pixie of Fuchs November 12, 1997 – February 26 2009 Loved and missed by Harvey, Rondee and Heidi Fuchs

Slide 42

Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together……. After we became friends, Kathy told me that she had researched several breeds and picked a Terv because she wanted a sound dog that could do it all.  Living in South Florida, she contacted Rick Ramler of Phenix Tervs and promised him that if he sold her a puppy, she would make him proud. He did and she did. Rue led Kathy on many adventures in venues she never dreamed of: Owner-Handled Breed Championship, a Veterans Best in Show under esteemed Judge Edith Forsythe, Obedience titles, Flyball titles, Frisbee competitions and Herding. Kathy and I met in early 1998 when she brought Rue out to see what Flyball was all about. That chance meeting led to a 10-year friendship filled with many great memories of dog events and road trips and also brought me my Terv, Kathy’s pick puppy out of Rue’s second litter. Our last road trip together was to 2006 Nationals in Carlisle, PA where Kathy was thrilled to show Rue in the Veterans class. Rue became sick in the middle of the summer of 2007, and after several visits to two vets, was diagnosed in late August with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Practically untreatable in humans and insurmountable in our beloved pets, those of us in Kathy’s circle of friends were hardly prepared for such a devastating diagnosis.  Rue and Kathy had some good quality time together in September and Kathy was able to prepare for the idea of not having Rue by her side.  Bright eyed to the end, Kathy knew when it was time to make that difficult decision to let her girlie go. Kathy had been bravely battling melanoma brain cancer since June 2004. I am convinced that losing Rue made Kathy lose her will to continue her own battle. I had hoped she would be able to come to 2008 Nationals, but as her mother told me afterwards, Kathy had started to fail by that time and didn’t want anyone to see her. She was briefly hospitalized at the end of the summer, and then brought home under hospice care. On October 24, 2008, Kathy passed away quietly in her sleep surrounded by her family. I am sure it was quite the joyous reunion at the Bridge with her beloved Rue, all of her other dogs and all of her friend’s dogs who adored her. Photo courtesy of Karen Johnson, Sunfire Tervuren BVIS CH Phenix's Sundance De Rue, CDX OA NAJ HIC NAFA-FMX CGC TT (CH Seafield's Loup-Varrou HIC C/O/P BAR x CH Phenix's Annie Oakley CD OA) January 7, 1997 – October 1, 2007 † Katherine Mary McKenny June 1, 1965 – October 24, 2008 Rest in Peace, dear RueRue and Kathy, until we meet again. Lovingly submitted by Stacy Santarone, Wonder Belgians

Slide 43

Rebel was never a top winner but she had other attributes that were more important to me. She did everything that was ever asked of her. She finished her Rally title at 12, not because she loved Rally but because she loved me and I asked her to. She suffered through 3 beginning handlers in Agility and still managed to get both her Open titles. She produced better than herself and was an outstanding mother. Her most noted daughter is Multi-BISS, Grp. Placing, Top 10 Bitch Ch. MonAmi Upsy Daisy at Cavalier CD, RN, OA, OAJ. Rebel loved to show and was a great hit with the crowd in Veteran Sweeps with her obvious enjoyment. She was always my snuggle bunny and loved nothing more than snuggling her head under some body part. Best in Veteran Sweepstakes at the 2009 National was donated in her honor because if she were alive she would have been showing her heart out. She was the dog of my heart. I will always miss her. Ch. Aftershock MonAmi Rebel Heart RN, OA, OAJ Carole Eklund Calia-Cavalier Belgians

Slide 44

When we picked up Cleo as a puppy, she was the smallest Terv puppy I have ever seen. She looked like a Pomeranian pup. She fit in the palm of one hand. We had a Schutzhund lesson with JC Balu that weekend. He fell in love with Cleo and turned her loose on the table at the post lesson gathering. Cleo trotted up and down the table like a little queen, sampling everyone’s champagne. She continued to consider herself a Queen the rest of her life. At 7 months she was BOB from the classes at a Supported show and went on to be pulled in the group. There was no stopping her from then on. In agility you always knew when she was running because she barked through the entire run. This didn’t slow her down and she finished all her titles with either 1st or 2nd places. She believed all puppies (especially girl puppies) should bow down to her and did her best to see that that happened. At 15 ½ she was still able to intimidate my 11 month old. Up to her final week, at 16 ½, she was in great shape and would run the fence line patrolling her domain. She died in November of 2008 after a short illness. Select HIT Ch. Cleopatra du Loup Noir CD, AX, AXJ, BH “Cleo” Carole Eklund Calia-Cavalier Belgians

Slide 45

Bonnie was born in Belgium – a real Belgian Tervuren – and received the official pedigree name Xception van de Hoge Laer. The pedigree number preceded by the Royal Belgian Crown proudly tattooed in the ears. Tessie, our first Tervuren, needed a buddy and Bonnie joined the family in the Netherlands. Bonnie had a minor fault that prevented her from competing in shows, but for us she was our champion: the best companion dog ever. Nearly four years old Bonnie moved with the family to Virginia, U.S.A. You developed into a striking dog with intelligent eyes and a black-muzzled face. Sturdily built with a passionate, sometimes rash behavior, gave you the nickname “Boerenmeisje”, Dutch for farmer’s girl. Outside you could horse around with Tessie. Running and playing in the back yard, especially when tennis balls were involved, they were your biggest passion, but you never forgot to check on us by looking inside the house regularly. You knew how to guard the family. You were possessive of your loved ones and always demanding our attention. But you also had a heart of gold and gave so much back to us: sweetness, unconditional love, loyalty, protectiveness and perhaps most of all, your sense of (Belgian) humor. You had a happy life and enjoyed it to the fullest. You were a picture of health. In June 2008 however, you were diagnosed osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in your left fore leg. For seven months we tried to stop this gloomy disease giving you the quality of life you were entitled to without any pain. We called upon all disciplines of the medical science. Courageously you underwent treatments and operations, without losing your will to overcome. You stayed the same Bonnie, always active with a smile on your face and devoted to the family. In the last few weeks of your life however your situation deteriorated. The cancer had metastasized and you told us it was time. We all could say farewell at home before you found eternal peace. Our dear Bonnie, we miss you. But you will never be forgotten and will always be in our hearts. We are very thankful for the special times we could share with you. Your proud and loving owners Ton Wolters & Annelie McBride Wolters. And Tessie, who raised you and was your companion. Xception van de Hoge Laer “Bonnie” 16 June 1998 - 4 February 2008

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CH BONHEURS ABSOLUTE CONSPIRACY TD 1/2/93 – 4/20/09 CH U-CD Moorslede Golden Touch CD NA x CH Bonheur Wish Come True Cinder was the only red girl in a litter of very promising babies from Midas’ first litter. She announced her presence everywhere she went. When we took her to the airport to ship her to Sandy Lieberman-Watt, she screamed the whole way, She was screeching when they wheeled her crate off and still protesting loudly when they brought her to her new owner. It was love at first sight. Cinder did everything Sandy ever asked of her with joy. She was confident and outgoing. Only Sandy’s nerves stood in her way to greatness. So she enlisted the aid of her friend Gillian Irving to take her in the ring at the 1994 ABTC National Specialty. At the end of the day, judge Linda Friedow pointed to Cinder! And the next day, Skip Stanbridge placed her first in the very competitive 12-18 month bitch class. Sandy turned to Dennette Cockley to pilot Cinder to her championship. It was a remarkably easy task. The Berkshire Belgian Tervuren Club held its regional specialty in the evening of an all-breed show. Cinder went Winners Bitch at both shows, earning two five point majors in a single day. Later Dennette and Cinder teamed up to earn a group placement. Sandy and Cinder loved each other completely. For a love like that, 16 years is not enough. “But if time was a thing man could buy All the money that I have in store I would give for one day by her side” In the valley of Strathmore Andy M. Stewart Valley of Strathmore

Slide 47

Thirteen years have passed so quickly but it seems like yesterday that our Raspberry girl came into our lives. It all began with a dream, a dream that I had the night before my father and I took our much anticipated trip to France. I dreamed that Mike and I would have a new puppy very soon .. she would be very red and have a very long nose, with the blackest masking. I never forgot this dream. When we returned to the states, I made a call to Mikki and described my dream. It so happened that Mikki had a litter on the ground and there was a beautiful girl in the litter with a raspberry collar. This puppy was out of the breeding of “BG” and the English “Rumor”. The conception using frozen semen had taken place on the same day of my dream. I was convinced that this was meant to be. “Cinema Dream Girl” would soon become a part of our family.I will never forget the day that we met our Rasi girl. Clem & Gloria would be getting a beautiful male and the two puppies would fly together from California to Chicago. We were so excited for the plane to land that day. The puppies stepped out of a single crate and I had never seen such beautiful puppies .. such presence, lovely bone and the prettiest heads. Our lives would never be the same.Rasi simply blossomed in the next few months. We traveled to the 1996 National Specialty in Troy Michigan that year. Rasi had just turned 9 months old. She captured the hearts of everyone and unbelievably went on to BOW and Select earning her first 5 point major. She stepped into the ring and I simple held the leash. Rasi had a captivating sense of presence. It was her very first time in the ring and she showed herself like a seasoned veteran. Our magical life with Rasi was just beginning. She went on to finish her championship with all majors and another 5 point major (BOW) at our Regional Specialty. We traveled on a crazy trip to Georgia to get her last two majors. At the time she was blowing coat terribly. We kept on driving! More than her show career, I have to say that Rasi’s contribution to our breed is defined by her 17 puppies. She was a wonderful producer and gave us many CH.s, a BIS, multiple BISS winners, a CT, TD’s, TDXs, a CH herding dog, a UD & a UDX dog. This legacy now continues with her grandbabies.With happiness there also comes heartache. After her second litter, Rasi was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. It was crushing news to us. We were able to manage this for the next 6 years with success. It was a learning experience for all of us I think. The most important thing was that we had our Rasi and she would be able to live a normal life. The years continued. Rasi became more precious every day. She was absolutely the best role model for her two daughters, “Douce” & “Mila” and her grandson, “Fez”. Rasi had unbelievable patience and kindness. She was a saint. She had a special bond with Mila. Rasi actually chose Mila as the puppy that we would keep.This past August, I started to notice some changes in Rasi. She had just turned 13. She was occasionally vomiting. For two months I researched Addison’s again and I was convinced that her gastritis was due to her imbalance of percorten and prednisone. A few days ago, Mike and I realized that it must be something more serious as she was growing quite weak. Her body was simply failing. Last Sunday I walked her for the last time around the property. She walked slowly with Partout at her side. She loved smelling where all the deer had been ..we strolled among the apple orchard .. she noticed the wild turkeys near by. I took many photos of her that day. I could see in her eyes that she was very ill.On Monday morning, We took her to our Referral Clinic. It is a wonderful place with many specialists. Dr Cole soon had her case and so many tests were done. The ultra sound showed an irregular thickening on her stomach wall and bleeding in her gut. Her platelets were becoming very low. On Wednesday morning we were able to visit Rasi for the last time. She came to the room on a gurney. She was so happy to see us but so very weak. We laid her down on a soft blanket and held her for the longest time. She kissed us both as if to say good bye. She knew that it was time to go. She peacefully passed and we continued to hold her in our arms. She was as pretty in death and she was in life. She was our “Dream Girl” in so many ways; a sweet girl, a devoted mother, my shadow .. she is everywhere now. She is free. We love you “Rasi” and we thank you for your life. Your family,Annie & Mike, Douce, Mila, Partout, Ori and grandson, “Fez”. CH Cinema Dream Girl AX OAJ Domburg Dressed to Impress at Talamo X CH StarBright I’m Bound For Glory HT July 25, 1995 –October 22, 2008 Breeders: Michele Capparelli- Lally & Robert Lally Owners :Michelle Capparelli-Lally & Anne & Mike Evarts “Rasi”

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Webster’s dictionary describes a “star” as a planet that is held in astrology to influence one’s destiny or fortune.Ori came to us one day in early March in the year 2000. Mikki met me at the Milwaukee airport and as she came down the walkway, there was our boy hanging halfway out of the bag. He was a large puppy and I think that Mikki squeaked by the airport regulations that day. One more day and Ori would not be suitable for travel in a large sherpa bag! Mikki was excited to show us how Sally Jo had trained him to sit and walk on a leash. He was the most obedient puppy and so agreeable. I was so excited to take him home and introduce him to the others. He was so handsome and the shortest back puppy that I have ever seen. It seems like yesterday.Ori fit easily into our household in Combined Locks. He needed little training and he was always that perfect puppy in almost every way. He loved simple things, like bunnies and food and walks and food! He simply adored Rasi’s babies and we have many photos of puppies climbing all over Ori in the kitchen in the summer of 2000. He couldn’t get enough of them and people remarked at how gentle he was with the babies. He loved his “pack” and ruled them with kindness and fairness. One would never think that this gentle giant was the leader of the pack for all of his years but once you saw him in action, he made you a believer! He earned his championship easily and was always a gentleman at the shows. As a young puppy we took him to the GA National and people exclaimed how he was the most beautiful puppy they had ever seen but also thought that the size of his feet indicated that he would be a very large dog. Ori did keep on growing and he grew and grew …..and kept on growing but what a beautiful puppy!Ori loved bunnies and the early morning before our tracking certification he caught a bunny in the yard. Not only did he catch the bunny but brought it into the kitchen to show us! He could cover the yard in just a few strides. He was the most agile dog and so strong and fast. Mike and I would watch him for hours in the yard .. running with toy in mouth .. posing then running .. posing then running. After Ori’s diagnosis in November of this year of systemic Mast Cell Cancer, stage III , we were told that if we were lucky, that we would be able to have about 5-6 months of quality life with Ori. We made every day count. Just the other day, he enjoyed a kiddie cone from Dairy Queen and we even went tracking at the Hortonville Park. I took his last set of photos 3 weeks ago at Hartman Creek Park as we walked around Allen’s lake. He enjoyed the sunshine and the geese on the lake that day. Yesterday, he was able to see Nancy, his favorite babysitter, at the Fond du lac dog shows. She whispered in his ear that she loved him. We loaded ourselves in the car for the hour ride home. Ori refused supper last night and he started to fail rapidly. I stayed with him throughout the night and we rested on the floor together. His breathing became very forceful and shallow. I said good bye to Ori this morning. Dr. Zeigler met us at the clinic at 6:30 a.m. Ori’s blood pressure was dropping and his abdomen was full of fluid. It was time to say good-bye to the sweetest puppy that I have ever known. I told Ori that Rasi, Willie and Leah would be waiting for him. I told him that his mom and dad both loved him so very much. We should be so lucky to have had these past 9 years with our Ori. He taught us to live in the moment, for the moment is all we have. He was such a happy, simply boy. He was never demanding of attention yet he had our attention always and he knew this.Ori was our Shining Star. It was destiny that we spent our lives on earth together and our good fortune to have lived with a soul as fine as Ori. He was the best of the best, and now the most brilliant star to shine in the heavens above. We love you Ori, Annie, Mike, Mila, Partout, Douce and Baby Fez Anne & Mike Evarts O-Tahn-Agon Tervuren “Ori” CH Cinema Shining Star December 3, 2000 –April 20, 2009 Orion De La Clairiere Aux Louves X CH StarBright I’m, Bound For Glory HT Breeders: Michele Capparelli- Lally & Robert Lally Owners :Michelle Capparelli-Lally & Anne & Mike Evarts

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Autumn was one of the puppies resulting from the breeding of Ch. Richelieu’s Exeter D’Allante, U.D.,P.T., and Ch. Tacara’s Divine Dezra. Most of her early years were spent “being a puppy.” She came to our household at a time when I was intensely involved in training Exeter towards his Utility title. As a result she tended to get the training leftovers, as it were. She did finish her championship in June of 1996. She earned her herding pre-trial certificate in May of 1998. We were part of the group that had a horrible experience at the 1998 trial where the test sheep and trial sheep were swapped. The sheep took one look at Autumn and recognized her high prey drive and they were gone. I trialed her on much more appropriate stock the next week and got her title. Exeter earned his utility title in the summer of 1999 and I began to put more energy into Autumn’s training. She earned her C.D. in the fall of 1999. She earned her novice agility title in August of 2002. Autumn spent the rest of her life pretty much having a good time. CH. RICHELIEU’S AUTUMN SUNSET C.D., P.T., N.A. October 18, 1994-May 4, 2009 Loved and missed by Richard Lewis Richelieu Belgian Tervuren

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It is with a heavy heart that I share the loss of "Cherry" (Select CH. Sky Acres Piper Cherokee).  Dear sweet Cherry was nearly 17 years old when she slipped peacefully from this world to the next. Her journey through life touched many, and my own life was enriched greatly by having her in it.  Cherry came back to me when she was seven years old, through the selfless generosity of her owners.  She ruled my house with quiet dignity and was respected by all.  She shared her affection and love without hesitation to anyone worthy.  She was an exceptional mother and grandmother, always patient and kind.  Cherry earned her C-BAR from direct offspring, producing two National Specialty Best Of Breed winners.  The generations Cherry produced will further the journey of her spirit. Michelle Edling Select CH. Sky Acres Piper Cherokee 02/20/1991 - 10/26/2007

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We are waiting……….. Banshee Cruzer Diana Jeep Mandy Mina Morgan Token Xan Triton Trek Trigue Jon-Luc Raven Shawnee Seneca Dakota Bonnie Samba Jet Penny Jean-Luc Vallu Gena Rue Wylie Cooper Kaos Gaea Pixie Wotan Devon Magic Willow Quigley Shine Gigolo, Venture, Cash,**Katherine McKenny** Rue, Rebel, Cleo, Autumn Ace, Cara, Hunter, Vegas, Cherry, Cinder, Jimmy Bob, Crook, Rasi, Ori

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Just over the Rainbow Bridge…… Though the physical form is gone….the paw prints remain on our heart.

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To learn more about some of the diseases that have taken many of our beautiful Belgians…….. Learn More About Canine Blood Banking: http://www.hemosolutions.com/donors.htm http://www.hemosolutions.com/faq.htm Learn more about Canine Cancer: http://www.bonecancerdogs.org http://www.caninecancerawareness.org http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/CanineCancer PLEASE help the Michigan State Stomach Cancer study in any way you can. http://www.abtc.org/index.php/the-breed-mainmenu-109/health-education-mainmenu-37/294-health-study To submit an affected dog and family to the PRA study, contact Dr Simon Petersen-Jones at peter315@cvm.msu.edu To request a free test kit for the Sheepdog/Terv Epilepsy Study go to      HTTP://CGAP.UCDAVIS.EDU

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Rainbow Bridge Poem – Author Unknown Amazing Grace – Stephen McGarrity (Bagpipes) The Way We Were – Barbara Streisand Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Eva Cassidy Slide Show – Sharon Webb CREDITS

Summary: This is the most recent Wall. It includes Richard Lewis's dog "Autumn". The last edition did not. 2009 Belgian Tervuren Rainbow Wall. Dedicated to the wonderful spirit of those that have left paw prints on our hearts forever.

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