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4th School “Dimcho Debelyanov” BLAGOEVGRAD BULGARIA

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Welcome to Bulgaria! Blagoevgrad

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Welcome to 4th School, Blagoevgrad

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It was founded in 1897 year.

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The field elm in the middle of the yard is 154 years old

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New school playground

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School year Start – 15/09 Finish – 24/05 1st grade 31/05 2nd – 4th grade 15/06 5th – 8th grade Holidays 01/10/2012 – 04/11/2012 Autumn holiday 24/12/2012 – 06/01/2013 Christmas 05/02/2013 Finish 1ST term 23/02/2013 – 25/02/2013 Winter holiday 29/03/2013 – 07/04/2013 Easter

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Curriculum Bulgarian language and Literature Foreign language Mathematics Information technologies Social sciences and civics Natural sciences and ecology Music and art Physical education and sports

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Classes meet five days a week and usually take two shifts (morning and afternoon). The school year is divided into two terms with Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays. The grading system is based on numerals, where 6 is the highest and 2 is the lowest grade a student can obtain.

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Dimcho Debelyanov, the famous Bulgarian poet is our patron

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School library

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Every classroom is different

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Our classroom

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Project based learning

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In the school garden

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We know

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We create

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We like sports

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Our projects

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Our uniforms

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15th September - First school day

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1st March - martenitsa

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3rd March – the Bulgarian National Holiday

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Letters’ Holiday

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24th May – the day of the Bulgarian Alphabet

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School Holiday

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Summary: Welcome to 4th School, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria! Created by Tonka Panayotova

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