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“Arbonnizing” means

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How to Get the Product Out There Leading with the Products

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Leading with the Products The differences between Arbonne US and Arbonne UK US Average Spending = $ 7 Billion / year UK Average Spending = £ 10.2 Billion / year Arbonne US Business Model = Lead with Biz Op Arbonne UK Business Model = Lead with Products

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Something for Everyone Skin Care Ranges (Women, Men and Baby) Anti-Ageing Range Detox Spa Range Body and Hair Care Products Make-Up Line Teen Range Sun Care Products

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Easy Steps for New Consultants

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Step 1: “Arbonnize” “Arbonnize” your home and handbag Any other brand is “contraband” Be a “Product of the Product” Your passion for the products will sell them for you

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Step 2: Know the Basics Know the basics about Arbonne’s 8 Product Lines Arbonne’s Product Catalogue Don’t have to have all the answers Learn as you Go!

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Step 3: 100 People List Write down the names of everyone you know Contact everyone on your list Briefly introduce your business and products - not Opportunity (not yet at least) Ask specific questions Wait and listen for the answers Set up a meeting (1-on-1 or Group)

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Step 4: Activity Set reachable Goals for yourself - a specific PQV goal Follow-up with every client, preferred client and consultant - the fortune is in the follow-up Provide excellent customer service - Thank You and Birthday cards (include special offers) Stay in constant Product- Moving activity

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Ideas for All Consultants

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1: Bag Drops Bags: Gold Bag (RE9 set minus Transforming Lift) FC5 Bag (O/C or N/D set plus Eye Cream) Sliver Bag (NutriMenC set) Set up a drop off time and place (schedule at least 15 mins for drop off) Drop off bag and go through steps Key: Set up a pick up 3 days later At pick-up do a follow-up interview

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2: Samples Samples are a less effective form of marketing However, great way to maximize your efforts Always keep some on hand - carry with you Great way to offer a “sample” of products offered Option: Sell at cost price Key: Always get a follow-up contact number for anyone who takes a sample

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3: 1-on-1’s Meet with a friend or contact over a cup of coffee Or, do a Free Facial/ Consultation for a friend at home Key: You choose the setting - not their place Do a quick product intro and overview of steps Leave a Tester Bag with them (Gold RE9 Bag, FC5 Face or Silver NutriMen Bag) Pick-up & follow-up after 3 days

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4: Group Presentations Groups can be something that is hosted by a friend or contact, but don’t rule out hosting it yourself Key: Between 5 -10 people in attendance Party Plan Academy 10 Years Younger, Hollywood Makeover, Mother & Daughter Pamper, Detox Spa , Fresh Face Parties Always book another meeting from the meeting Biz Op meeting once a month

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5: Gifts Whatever gift you give, make it an Arbonne one People love these products, they love it even more if it was a gift and not bought Almost all receivers return as clients Key: Don’t expect anything in return Wrap it up nice; another selling opportunity Ideas: Baby Baskets, Spa Bags, Mother’s and Father’s Days, Wedding Gifts, “I Can” Package

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6: My Arbonne Website Women love to shop in the comfort of their homes, less intimidating You can personalize your “My Arbonne” website to include what you would like to say The “Shop Online” function allows them to shop straight from the Arbonne UK website and the total is added to your PQV Key: Keep it simple and navigatable

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7: Monthly Email Always ask for your client’s email address You can access Registered Clients, Preferred Clients and Consultants’ email addresses from Webstats Send a monthly email update - be consistent Include new product intros and a feature article Always offer a “One Time Only” offer that they can only access by contacting you in person Key: Keep it simple!

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8: Local Ads Place an advertisement in your local paper or press Can be costly and hard to track, but great for Brand Recognition purposes Keep it professional Download Sample Ads from Internet Consultants Corporate is offering an incentive Key: Include a Time Limit by when they should/need to contact you by

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9: Flyers Sample Ads can be used as a flyer Design your own, but keep it very professional Always keep some on hand Handout, Local Bulletin Boards, mailboxes (not ideal) Key: Have your contact info visable and usable

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10: Webstats Great for following-up on all Registered Clients, Preferred Clients and Consultants You can track Welcome Backs, Twice is Nice, RSVP’s Consultants can access anyone direct to them DM and higher, you have access to your entire downline Key: Fortune is in the follow-up

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11: Events Fundraisers, Tradeshows, Beauty Shows, Health and Wellness Days, Mother & Daughter Days Sell products, share samples, share contact information Great for Brand Recognition purposes Key: Always get their contact information as well Key 2: Keep it very clean and professional looking

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12: Strangers “Cold Calling” - Actively pursueing new clients Keep an ear out to what people are saying - eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin and scalp Always have small samples and business cards on hand Say: “I can offer you a Free Skin Care Consultation” Key: Always get a contact number from them

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13: Other Idea Does anyone have any suggestions?

Summary: Training for Arbonne UK consultants on how to get the products out there.

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