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Sentry Surveillance Reviews Testimonials From Satisfied Customers October 2012

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“My initial contact with Sentry Surveillance was awesome. The representative they sent out to assess my security needs was very knowledgeable and recommended strategic locations for placing my cameras. I chose Sentry Surveillance’s cameras because they are state of the art and recommended to me by a local sporting goods store that had a break in at night by a man wearing a hood over his face. The cameras picked up on a tattoo on the man’s arm. The camera’s memory bank was reviewed and found the tattoo. That revealed the man’s face when he was casing the store. The man was in jail by the next day and the merchandise was recovered. I now have a great sense of security knowing that I can view my office in real time day or night with the push of a button on my cell phone, plus knowing I have a greater chance of tracking down the perpetrator after the fact.” -D.G. (from a pest control company)

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“We originally started July 2004 with Sentry. Over the years we have made many changes due to enlarging and changes in equipment. Sentry has worked with us on making changes and stood behind their service and equipment warranties. No pushing to buy what we don’t need but available to answer inquiries about updates in equipment.” -E.C. (from a machine company)

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“Tony was professional and courteous. He installed everything quickly and even cleaned up! Thank you so much.” -From an automotive company

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Want To Have Your Own Great Experience? Call Sentry Surveillance Today 770-592-0400 Toll-free: 800-228-8909 Or visit online at:

Summary: New Sentry Surveillance reviews for October 2012. Sentry Surveillance offers a completely customizable, turnkey CCTV solution. Our RealEyes® line of surveillance systems provides you with the simplicity of a PC, along with the world class functionality and reliability necessary to serve your surveillance and security needs. Call us today at 770-592-0400

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