Present progressive and holiday's activities


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Holidays activities Present Progressive

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PRESENT PROGRESSIVE We use present progressive to talk about activities that are happening in the current moment as: She is playing with the ball

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Constructing present progressive… Use the following structure: SUBJECT VERB TO BE VERB - ING COMPLEMENT + + + As in the following example: She is playing with the ball

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am I We can use singular subjects us:

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We can use the singular subjects as: IS HE SHE IT

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ARE YOU WE THEY We can use plural subjects as:

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We can use verbs or actions we do in holidays as: Eat Slide Swim Swing Play Dig Ski

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Look at the following examples Activities we do in holidays

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I am eating watermelon

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You are digging in the sand

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He is swimming in the pool

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She is swinging in the swing

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It is playing with the ball

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We are sliding in the slide

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They are skiing in the snow

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When verb finishes in E, as SLIDE, we: Delete the letter E, as it is shown: And we add “ing”: S L I D E S L I D I N G Take into account that:

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When verb finishes in Y, as PLAY, we add “ing” “ P L A Y I N G Take into account that:

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When verb finishes in i, as SKI, we add “ing” “ S K I I N G Take into account that:

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When verb is monosilabic, finishes in consonant and it is preceded by vowel as swim and dig, we double the consonant and add “ing”: “ing”: Take into account that: Swimming Digging

Summary: Slides presentation for explaining present progressive usage through activities done in holidays

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