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Possible points I could cover in my voice over. The Documentary

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GYA (Gateshead youth assembly)

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Possible points to cover The youth assembly meet with many important ‘bigwigs’ throughout the year, and often get invited to places such as parliament. It is all democratic. Loads of votes for all different positions on the exec, and to get involved through the schools. The speeches are important so that many people hear what they would do if thy were elected onto that position. The ballets are secret. All the priorities are set by us. Standing conferences… getting a lot said to a load of people in one go. This is how we get the majority of our information across.

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Lee Holmes

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Possible points to cover The youngest member on Gateshead council. He is the councillor for Pelaw and Heworth. He was a member of the GYA before this. Was the representative of the UKYP for Gateshead. Still helps out with the Youth Council when he gets a chance, on the board Also at university.

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Year 7’s

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Possible points to cover Not all young people are politically aware. Most young people don’t care about the matter. They could all think that it’s a boring subject and that it doesn’t really affect them. Maybe if they got more information at an early age they could be more politically aware in the future.

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Dave Anderson MP

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Possible points to cover He was first elected in the 2005 general election. He is the Labour MP for Blaydon. He has been a member of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee since 2005. In 2006 he was appointed as the Parliamentary Private Secretary to the education and skills minister Bill Rammell. He also chairs the Labour friends of Iraq group, a group dedicated to supporting the ordinary Iraqis as they attempt to rebuild their lives. Despite Labour losing the 2010 UK General election, Anderson almost doubled his majority in the Blaydon constituency from 5,335 in 2005 to 9,117 on a turnout of 44,913 (66.2%). This is a great result as it meant that he managed to turn the public opinion of himself around.

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Possible points to cover continued… He also tends to turn up, when invited, to many events that have been organised by the young people. He seems to believe in the fact that every young person has a voice.

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Lucy Adams

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Possible points to cover She is only 15 and gets involved in many projects across Gateshead. She is an active member of GYA and her school’s student council. And whilst doing all of this she is managing to get good grades and is looking forward to university. On the GYA she holds the position of Treasurer. Her little brother, Andrew, is also starting secondary school and has started to get involved with the Youth Assembly and also in student council.

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