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Salvation Jesus the only way

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Salvation is saving a person's soul from sin and its consequences i.e hell. It is God's free gift to whoever wants to receive it. Jesus said in John 6:37, "Whoever comes to me I will never drive away." This includes you, wherever and whoever you are. Please repeat the following prayer from the innermost parts of your heart. You will be saved

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Dear Heavenly Father I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ I come to you with all my sins, burdens and addictions I come to you on the basis of what Jesus Christ has done for me I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins and curses and rose again for me Right now I invite you, Lord Jesus to come into my life Thank you for forgiving my sins I put my faith in you alone, Lord Jesus Christ I believe with my heart what I now confess with my mouth : You are my Saviour, Lord and God Now I am born again - a child of God I believe it and receive it in the Name of Jesus Amen Welcome into the Family of God

Summary: Ultimate Sacrifice of Jesus

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