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Glass bowls & glass bubblers -Redefining your attitude

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Smoking of the tobacco got a new dimension when in the time of the Indian emperor Akbar; A Persian physician first passed the smoke of tobacco to pass through the bowl of water which helped to purify it. And that was the beginning of a new era of HOOKAH smoking…..

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What was once just an oriental culture has now gained a worldwide reputation ……..

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They still stands as the collectors piece oozing the grandeur, opulence, charm and magic of the scented gardens, perfumed palaces, the spicy smell of the Indian bazaar and certainly the sinuous tune of the Arabian music!

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Get ready to enter into the world of smoke, flavor and good time…

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Yes, it is simply ‘out of the world’…..

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Be a part of the oriental luxury with our largest selection of water pipes, available at a realistic rate

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Summary: Glass Pipes are now the choice of the smoking connoisseurs throughout the world. The smokers are just spell bound having seen the vast array of choice. The grandeur and opulence-yes, these are the two keywords now. For more Details please visit at

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