ia 2PE Revision Class (for test 2)


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Revision Class (for test 2) IA NEF after file 2C

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Write down comments: All jobs are equally important.

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Most people don´t like their jobs.

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You should choose a job that will give you pleasure and not only money.

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Everyone should have an experience abroad.

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How long have you been .......? Study/ here Live/ in the same house Learn/ English Do/ a sport Ask each other

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Word Formation Write down the missing word and pass the paper. Don´t spend your money __________. (foolish)

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Pleasure and money are ________ necessary in life. (equal)

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_________ people are not always happy. (wealth)

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He has serious _________ problems. (person)

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Travelling to Greece changed her life __________. (complete)

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She went there on business. It was a __________ holiday. (work)

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Texts p.22 , 26, 29. She has always been _________ in languages. (interest) Now, let´s check.

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Give definitions of the words : Tube Trivial Mad Keeper Apes Ill-treated blazing Throw away Give up Give away Set up Look after

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STRONG ADJECTIVES Very small Very tasty Very angry Very afraid Very tired Very hot Very hungry Very big Very cold Very dirty Tiny Delicious Furious Terrified Exhausted Boiling Starving Enormous Freezing filthy Make mini dialogues

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TEST EACH OTHER VOCABULARY – money SB p. 147 VOCABULARY – transport SB p. 148

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LISTENINGS Workbook Pages 16 , 19 , 22.

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GRAMMAR BANK SB p. 132 / 133. Present Perfect X Past Simple Present Perfect Continuous Comparatives and Superlatives.

Summary: ppt to revise content for test 2

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