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AFRICAN ELEPHANT FACTS Did You Know…   1) The elephant is distinguished by its high level of intelligence, interesting behavior, methods of communication and complex social structure.  2) Elephants seem to be fascinated with the tusks and bones of dead elephants.   3) Elephants are very social, frequently touching and caressing one another and entwining their trunks. 4) Elephants demonstrate concern for members of their families they take care of weak or injured members and appear to grieve over a dead companion.   ( African Wildlife Foundation

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GORILLAS Gorillas grow to be up to 6 feet tall and can weigh from 300 to 425 pounds They live in dense forests or rain forests and are vegetarians Their predators are leopards, crocodiles, and humans.  They have a slow reproduction rate. Females start giving birth at 10 and have more offspring only every 3-4 years Gorillas are susceptible to diseases and parasites, especially to pneumonia during long, cold wet seasons.  (  

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AFRICAN ROCK PYTHON Did You Know…   1) The African Python is a non-venomous snake and kills its prey by constriction.  2) Females show a surprising level of maternal care for their babies and eggs. They lay from 20-100 at a time.   3) This python can be seen EVERYWHERE in Africa. It can be found in different habitats, such as forest, swamp, semi-desert, and even rocky areas.  (

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The African tree frog

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DID YOU KNOW? Red-eyed tree frogs are mostly carnivorous, eating mostly insects but sometimes other small frogs Red-eyed tree frogs will lay clutches of eggs on the underside of leaves that are lying near a water source Like most tree frogs, red-eyed ones have suction cups on their toes that enable them to climb trees This guy looks like the tree frog king!

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Frisch Sophomore Parents in Africa Jody Bardash, left, and Michael Farbowitz, right, on a mission with HHAF to Africa in 2012

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Frisch sophomore parent Mendy Markowitz, above on the far left, was also on the mission. Thank you, Dr. Markowitz, for sharing your African clothing with us for tonight!

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Frisch alum Yoni Bardash went with his father to Africa \

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