CBT-MT College Implementation Plans


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Began project in August

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Montana Colleges Comprehensive Mission Implementation Plans Board of Regents Presentation January 8, 2013

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Phil Hartley Mary Kay Kickels Dan Rosenberg The Consulting Team

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The Colleges

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Comprehensive Mission Mission Statement The Mission of two-year education in Montana is to provide a comprehensive, accessible, responsive, student-centered learning environment that facilitates and supports the achievement of individuals’ professional and personal goals, and enhances the development of Montana’s citizens, communities and economy.  Vision Statement Montana’s two-year education: Transform lives and create opportunities through educating the citizens of the state of Montana.

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The Project Review Existing Plans Meet with OCHE Data / Environmental Scan Visit Colleges Develop/Refine Initiatives Compile Final Draft Plans

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Planning Cycle

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Planning Cycle You are Here

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Plan Structure Introduction Data Initiatives Linkages

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1. Introduction

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2. Data VFA Data Standard Metrics Accountability Comparable Same for all MT Colleges

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Student Age Profile (%)

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Unit Load – Full/Part-Time

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Student Success

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3. Initiatives

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Initiative Organization Transfer Education Through the Associate’s Degree Workforce Development, Including Certificates and Applied Associate’s Degrees Developmental and Adult Basic Education Lifelong Learning Community Development Branding and Marketing Other Institutional Elements

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Initiative Information Name Description Outcome Completion Date Responsible Party Resources Required Strategy

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4. Linkages

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College!NOW: A Roadmap for Change Initiatives are Change Strategies Student Success Remains Central The System is Stronger than the Sum of its Parts Institutional Planning is Iterative Unfunded Initiatives will not be Implemented

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Discussion / Questions

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