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(fly) eyes (10X)

Slide 6

image of glial cells in the cerebellum (400X)

Slide 7

5-day old zebrafish head (20X)

Slide 8

15 day old Phascolosoma agassizii (peanut worm) larva, lateral view (20X)

Slide 9

39 day old Aeolidiella stephanieae (sea slug), dorsal view (5X)

Slide 10

72 hour chick embryo, dissected from the yolk (40X)

Slide 11

Anisakis pegreffi (parasitic worm) (40X))

Slide 12

Anopheles gambiae (mosquito) heart (100X)

Slide 13

Antique slide featuring whelk (snail) radula (20X)

Slide 14

Apterous Aphis fabae (black bean aphid) female with offspring inside the body (40X)

Slide 15

Arabidopsis sp. (thale cress) flower showing early ovule and pollen development (20X)

Slide 16

Artemia salina (brine shrimp) in a drop of water (10X)

Slide 17

Bee abdomen with pollen (40X)

Slide 18

Biddulphia capucina (diatom) (400X)

Slide 19

Cacoxenite (mineral) (18X)

Slide 20

Caloneis amphisbaena (Bacillariophyceae) diatom (1000x)

Slide 21

Ceratium sp. (dinoflagellate), living specimen (160X)

Slide 22

Clinozoisite prismatic crystal with augite (15X)

Slide 23

Craspedodiscus coscinodiscus Ehrenberg (extinct marine diatom) (1440X)

Slide 24

Ctenocephalides canis (flea) (20X)

Slide 25

Daphnia sp. (100X)

Slide 26

Developing Eleutherodactylus coqui (frog), whole mount (20X)

Slide 27

Drosera coccicaulis (20x)

Slide 28

Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) intestine (800X)

Slide 29

Drosophila sp. (fruit fly) eye, direct mount (20X)

Slide 30

Drosophila sp. (fruit fly) larva with the dendrites of a sensory neuron group labeled, live specimen

Slide 31

E16.5 mouse scan utilizing autofluorescence on 3 wavelengths showing mouse vasculature (1.25X)

Slide 32

Echinaster brasiliensis (starfish) embryo, four cell stage (60X)

Slide 33

Echinoderm embryo undergoing second cleavage (400X)

Slide 34

Evaporated ascorbic acid solution (40X)

Slide 35

Female Axonopsis (water mite), ventral side (200X)

Slide 36

Fern gametophyte (40X)

Slide 37

Fern Spore (20X)

Slide 38

Fern Spore (20X)

Slide 39

GFP expression in Aspergilis niger (40X)

Slide 40

Hemiargus isola (Reakirt’s blue butterfly) egg on Mimosa strigillosa (pink powderpuff) bud (6X)

Slide 41

Heteroptera- Micronecta sp. (35X)

Slide 42

Heteroscodra maculata (ornamental baboon tarantula) basal leg segments (40X)

Slide 43

Human skin (40x)

Slide 44

Hydropsyche angustipennis (caddisfly) larva head (30X)

Slide 45

Ichneumon wasp compound eye and antenna base (40X)

Slide 46

Insect in cyanide (10X)

Slide 47

Insect in cyanide (15X)

Slide 48

Insect in cyanide (30X)

Slide 49

Juvenile bivalve mollusc, Lima sp. (10X)

Slide 50


Slide 51

Living diatoms Pinnularia sp. (Bacillariophyceae) (250x)

Slide 52

Mesocriconema sp. (ring nematode) (1000X)

Slide 53

Mirabilis jalapa (four o’clock flower) stigma with pollen (100X)

Slide 54

Muscoid fly (house fly) (6.25x)

Slide 55

Myoblast cell grown on a microcontact-printed fibronectin grid (60X)

Slide 56

Orange Fungia (mushroom coral), live specimen (6X)

Slide 57

Paramecium caudatum fed with Congo red-stained yeast, living specimen (600X)

Slide 58

Paramecium sp. (100X)

Slide 59

Paramecium sp., live mount (400X)

Slide 60

Pollen grains (60x))

Slide 61

Portion of spider mandible (10X)

Slide 62

Primary rat hippocampal neurons (630x)

Slide 63

Protzia eximia (water mite), ventral view (10X)

Slide 64

Prunus cerasifera (‘Pissardii’ purple-leaved plum) stamen (40X)

Slide 65

Red begonia (stamens of male flower) (1X)

Slide 66

Root hairs on the plant Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress) (63X)

Slide 67

Rust on an iron round bar (230X)

Slide 68

Scagelia sp. (red algae) (250X)

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Slide 70

Spiral vessels from banana plant stem (32X)

Slide 71

Telophase HeLa (cancer) cells expressing Aurora B-EGFP (green) (100X)

Slide 72

Tomato shoot apical meristem (200X)

Slide 73

Tortula papillosa (moss) (20X)

Slide 74

Trichoptera Hydropsyche angustipennis (caddisfly) larva, posterior claws (30X)

Slide 75

Trout alevin (larva) (10X)

Slide 76

Unidentified sponge spicule (125X))

Slide 77

Vascular trace development in a corn leaf (10X)

Slide 78

Wasp nest (10X)

Slide 79

Wistar rat retina outlining the retinal vessel network and associated communication

Slide 80

SUPERINTERESSANTE Disponível na zona de leitura informal da Biblioteca ESAS-Gaia

Summary: Ação de divulgação da zona de leitura informal da biblioteca da Escola Secundária António Sérgio - V.N. Gaia

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