Poetry and Art


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Poetry and Art

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“Painting is silent poetry, poetry is eloquent painting.” - Simonides “the colour of a thing is the colour it rejects, the one colour it is not.” “A colour vibration is sensed not only through vision, but in many other ways. Every colour vibration has an impact on all physical systems and organs of the body, which respond to these frequencies.” – Charles Klotsche

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“As human beings we live in a world of colours. Each colour is part of a whole.” – Ingrid S. von Rohr How do colours sound, smell, taste? What is their texture?

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Colours and Word Associations like sound, colours are made up of vibrations there are good vibes and bad – positive and negative connotations or tones some colours are more visible than others depending on wave length (physics) and lower frequency or intensity

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Visible Sounds when working with colours, you are building visual chords or symphonies

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Some Standard Colors And Their Meaning Red strength, anger, tenacity, passion, sensuality, vitality, raw energy & willpower, health, courage, protection.  It stimulates activity, intensity and exovertion. Red brings out the revolutionary and leads into affirmative thought and action.

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Orange Warmth, maternal feelings, thoughtfulness, a very emotional person & creativity.  The muddier shades may indicate pride or vanity, while golden orange denotes self-control. Symbolizes the social force, emotions, attractiveness, joy and independence. Self assurance, amiability and constructiveness are it’s qualities.

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Yellow Mental activity, understanding and wisdom, personality power, happiness, clarity, perception, good cheer, optimism.  A golden yellow means that the person takes care of him/herself. Confidence, curiosity and practival application of wisdom are its qualities. Humour and detachment make yellow significant for bringing new life to ways of thinking and feeling. Darker yellows may represent shyness.

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Green Sympathy, empathy, spirituality, love, money, prosperity, fertility, healing, growth, affinity with nature. Symbolizes the balancing forces, peace, compassion and renewal. It calms the energies and prevails over excesses. Relaxation, rest and calm issue from it. Dark shades of green can indicate one who is jealous or has many uncertainties.

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Blue Quiet, highly spiritual, religious, peace, healing, patience, happiness, relaxation and calm. Symbolizes the communicative force, speech, messages and ideas. It relaxes and opens the mind to share thoughts and ideas. Idealism, sincerity, mental empathy and brings out affection, loyalty and inspiration.  Blue may also represent a tendency to be moody and depressed.

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Indigo – symbolizes the intuitive force, dreams, the unconscious and the invisible. Associated with empathy and imagination Violet - Symbolizes the creative force, beauty, inspiration and artistry. Energetically inspires the receptive soul to express itself in art, music, spiritual ideals and selfless acts of love It is the universal call to excellence. Dark shades may indicate that the person has obstacles to overcome and is feeling misunderstood. 

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Black Protection, banishing negativity or absorbing negativity. Absence of colour, colour of potential, of mystery; goes with everything (eg: little black dress and accessories) Grey – neutrality, something you want neutralized.

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Aqua symbolizes freshness, the pristine and unspoiled, vigor and movement. Vivacious, extroverted and dramatic. Confidence, strength, and strong individualism bordering on eccentricity. Fearless and creative, festive and celebratory. Has close association with water. 

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Brown Symbolizes the earth, nurturing, contented sensuality and productivity. Passive, sensual, fertile and generous qualities are associated with brown. Being grounded and belonging to, feeling. This could reflect a person who is very "earthy" or that a person is establishing new roots, or even one who is very centered with themselves and their surroundings.

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Pink Love and deep friendship.  It represents compassion, and possibly a love of beauty.  Darker or muddier shades of pink may point to immaturity. Gold Symbolizes love of spirit, the meaning, purpose and spiritual love. All quests of the heart are associated with this colour. Has a ancient connection to the hearts desire for power and mysteries. Gold is the color of attainment and profound concentration.

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~colour information from Ted Andrews' "How to See, and Read the Aura"

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White It reflects purity, union, innocence and truth. Holiness and divinity in its feminine aspects are associated with white. It omits the presence from the event and takes on what there is to learn from it. it encompasses all colours; colour of spiritual mastery – all religions other colours have been attained, embodied, perfected (levels in martial arts, religious attainment, levels of consciousness)

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