Igts-sudan new tourism vision


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sudan-kush (6 years ago)

The early civilizations on the nail valley is after the greater flooding Kush the son of ham the son of Noah The Sunland of Kush is mother of all manhood earth only one third is the sons of father Adam- killer of his brother

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Sudanese unique hospitality with smiling farces traditional welcoming guest

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Not this vision but similar nail islands planning tours

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The land of free of terror out doors full activity

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Kush kingdom north of Khartoum

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Blue nail –side seen Khartoum

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Overland destination

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Igts-sudan new tourism vision STADY abroad Incoming study tours programs Retirements flashback active memory Overland- In and in out tours Holiday tours requirement Skype: kushson -00249123853330 -0912766338-Khartoum-po.box-11699.Email-dwlia@msn.com

Summary: The Sunland is welcoming any one with its traditional unit hospitality as early Kush civilization

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