Little Explorers of big space


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What is in Space We are a class of 4 year old Little Explorers and we want to explore and discover Space. We become familiar with Space by looking at Space books, watch videos, use the internet and see PowerPoint presentations. We start to discover Space by reading the e-book ‘What Is the Solar System? Storybook’ at

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We read an e-book ‘Korky in Space’ at We sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with the Teletubbies at We read another e-book ‘Flying from the Sun to the Stars’ at

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We also watch PowerPoint presentations. We look at Earth which is our planet as it is seen from Space.

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Another PowerPoint presentation we enjoy is ‘The Solar’ system.

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We talk about the shape of the planets. We identify the colours of each planet. We look at the planet that has rings around it. We count the planets from 1 to 8

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We explore observation tools. We use magnifying glasses, binoculars and a telescope. The Sun and the planets are far, far away.

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We discover that the Sun is a ball of fiery gases, not solid like the Earth The Sun is a source of light. We must be protected from the sun by putting on sunscreen and caps to cover our heads. The sun can harm us and make us sick. We dramatize the Sun in our school yard. We also sing Mr.Sun.

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The Earth turns around and the planets go round the sun.

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We discover the shape and colours of Planet Earth. We explore a globe. We discover where Malta is. We also find Poland, Spain, Scotland and Czechoslovakia on the globe. We make Earth models out of play dough

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We explore the planets with picture cards from We see big planets and small planets. We put the planets in order.

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We discover numbers whilst on the topic Space. We enjoy doing the Lift Off. We count the number from 10 to 1 backwards. Wow! It is such fun imagining we are rockets and shouting Lift Off!

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We make number games with coloured rockets. We put numbers in order starting from the number one. We know how to count from one to ten.

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We colour big and small stars. We cut them out, glue them on thick paper and play with them. We count and sort the big and small stars.

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We colour and cut rockets. We stick numbers and make into a cylinder mobile. They look very nice hanging from the ceiling.

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We explore a 3 dimension jigsaw puzzle .

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We make stars with yellow paint and golden glitters. We make telescopes to gaze at the stars.

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We make the shape of the sun from rice cakes, cheese and finger sticks.

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We bake star and planet cookies. Oh what fun and the cookies are delicious!!

Summary: Preschool children work on a thematic unit about space.

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