Collective Intelligence


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Lumeta internet mapping project

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“We need to feed our minds .. not the machines”

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TOPICS Knowledge Networking Orchestration Social At Work

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ARE YOU STILL CHASING? Catch my knowledge if you can!

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5 Are you losing? Knowledge pit

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Knowledge management sharing

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5% 95% Explicit Knowledge tacit Knowledge Data, Information Documents Records Files Experience Thinking Competence Commitment Culture Deed CONTEXTUAL / INEFFABLE INFORMATIVE Document Library Best Practice Library

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Team exercise Define “balance”

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What is tacit knowledge? A knowledge which is only known by an individual and that is difficult to communicate to the rest of an organization.

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Tacit Work: Combination of Insight, experience & context Transformative Work: Physical inputs & outputs Transactional Work: routine processes procedure based

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Information technology 80% Tacit 15% Transactional 5% Transformational TAP IT

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Info love Tacit knowledge is the most valuable form of knowledge. Like love, it’s not easy to find.

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Power networks

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The art of networking Tapping the swarm My network follows me everywhere I go! Companies with access to the best networks not only outperform competitors today, but have also the capacity to flexibly outperform them tomorrow.

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Are you in the swarm? When you hire someone .. you hire their network Let me in!

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INTERACTION I wish I was Connected too! Networks can work smarter than the individuals or firms that are part of them.

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disruption Evolution is fueled by ripples … revolution is fueled by a splash!

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IS disruptive BAD?

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21 ELECTRICITY Disruptive Pervasive

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22 oil Disruptive Pervasive

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wireless Disruptive Pervasive

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Fiber optic Disruptive Pervasive

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collaborative knowledge Disruptive Pervasive

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Network orchestration

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Network orchestration

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In 2007, in a rural Cambodian village where homes lack electricity, the night-time darkness is pierced by the glow from $200 windup laptops that children bring home from school.

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Slide 31 Tin Cantenna In Peebles Valley, a small rural community in eastern South Africa, they demonstrate how tin cans could link the people of this community with each other, and the wider world.

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People powered software “Applications that harness network effects to get better the more people use them” TACIT SWARM TAP IT!

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visibility To be in a network, you have to show yourself

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transparency Openness is what attracts networks to you

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Self-organized There is only one way to be in a network, you have to engage

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THE orchestration TOOLKIT … connecting individuals, ideas and information with each other using digital networks …

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warning Office 2.0 is about building communities of practice, not of interest “It’s the difference between the work life and the personal life”

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social software … … Is this what you imagine?

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60% of people use social software today for business purposes “40% use it for … well you know!”

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Let’s get started

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Your OFFICE space

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What do You know? What do you do? Who are you? To start a network you need to introduce yourself!

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PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHS? Sharing is the secret!

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blogging MYTH #1 I am not that interesting, no one will read my blog MYTH #2 I’m sure someone else can do it better than me!

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metadata power

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Wiki mania

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200 years paper!

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Who won the race? Encarta Britannica

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Wikipedia Discussion What makes Wikipedia #1?

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Instant Messaging Instant messaging

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Don’t forget, it’s about work!

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Old idea?

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New idea?

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EMERGENT LEARNING HERE! Each of them by himself may not be of good quality; but when they all come together it is possible that thy may surpass – collectively and as a body, although not individually – the quality of the few best. - Aristotle

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THE PEOPLE Open and Transparent

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Born with the military technologies that were to lead to analog, digital and virtual technologies Silent Generation (born 1930-1945)

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Born with the analog and astronautic technologies Baby-Boom Generation (born 1946-1960)

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Born among analog technologies (telephone, TV), witnessed and participated in the development of digital technologies Generation X (born 1961-1975)

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Born with the first generation of digital technologies, witnessed and participated in the development of networked technologies Generation Y (born 1976-1990)

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Born in the midst of new technologies … and soon, Generation E (born 1991-2005)

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Command & control (industrial Model) Collaborate & communicate (social model)

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Office evolution

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THE 1970’s

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THE 1990’s

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THE 2000’s

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THE 2010’s

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THE 20..?

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Why is it important

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People Powered Software The collective knowledge of your company’s people combined is your best competitive advantage

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Inspired by many people whom I thank for their vision and openness to share!

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Picture Credits Google Image Search Yahoo Image Search Flickr Thanks to the People of the Information Highway

Summary: Trying to convince your organization that social tools are a must to survive in business today? Not having success? Use this presentation, it worked with our executives, it may work for you as well