A short Alien Story


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a short Alien story

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I’m Schlurpz

Slide 6

This is my friend

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One day,

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We went to the forest

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While walking,

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Greplt spoke about the forest ranger

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Greplt told me:

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When angry,

Slide 17

Rick can turn himself into an awful monster!

Slide 20

You’re kidding me!

Slide 21

Oh yeah?

Slide 22

Let’s see it!

Slide 23

Greplt started to throw paint on trees

Slide 26

Greplt continued by making a lot of noise

Slide 28

After a few minutes,

Slide 29

Rick came

Slide 30

What are you doing here?

Slide 31

Stop it right now!

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Slide 33

Not until you’ve transformed !

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Slide 35

We know you can transform when angry

Slide 36

I see…

Slide 37

I won’t turn into a monster

Slide 38

but I can be worse than that

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Slide 40


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Slide 43

Rick made us clean the forest

Slide 46

We were so afraid enthusiastic

Slide 47

That we did some extra work

Slide 50

Look Rick

Slide 51

We made extra space for rainbows!

Slide 54


Slide 55

Time to go…

Slide 58

Don’t Mess with rangers!

Slide 59

Thanks to www.mediaslap.com for their Innocent Invaders brush set Thanks to chokingonstatic.deviantart.com for her band-aid brush set Thanks to www.smeltery.net for the free Megalopolis font Thanks to www.shyfonts.com for the free SF Pale Bottom font Credits

Summary: A short Alien stotry about forest, rainbows, rangers and monsters

Tags: story presentation-design alien ranger

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