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Pigs Are they misunderstood?

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Not understood! Most people don’t know enough about pigs and their habits. Pigs aren’t really as unhealthy and dirty as most people think they are.

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Very Healthy If treated as a house pet, Pigs are very healthy. They love to eat things that have vitamins and minerals in them. They also love to run and exercise. They live longer than any other pet.

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Not dirty! If treated as a house pet, pigs are a very clean animal! Pigs only roll in mud because they need to cool off.

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They’re the cleanest! What pet is the cleanest? It’s the pig of course! Pigs are cleaner than dogs, cats, and hamsters if they are treated as a house pet.

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Pigs are misunderstood for sure! They are not dirty, they are the cleanest pet in the world. They are not unhealthy, they are very, very healthy and live longer than any other pet.

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Fun Facts Pigs can give birth to up to 32 piglets at one time Pigs are the third smartest animal in the world Pigs can run up to 30mph.

Summary: Pigs

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