PMP Class Slides-CH01-Lecture v1.0


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Focus® PMP® Boot Camp Course 2008 Business Associates, LLC Introduction to Project Management Project Management

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Project Management Overview Project Management Essentials Extension of Project Management Project Management Knowledge Areas Exam Focus, Quiz QA, Practice Tests, Review Tests

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Project Management What is Project Management Discipline to practice best practices of project management Primarily manage Scope, Quality, Time, Cost & HR Manage risks, issues, vendors, stakeholders Project progress reporting & communications Involves resources of all types Optimize and integrate resources Deliver project within constraints Individual skills

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Project Management What is a Project? Temporary Unique in nature Progressively Elaborated Key Factors Project Characteristics Project Justifications Project Goals Project Objectives Project Justification Other Factors Triple Constraint Management Styles

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Project Management Key Factors (Continued) Project Characteristics Unique Temporary Progressively Elaborated Project Goals Vs Objectives Goals : What are you trying to accomplish? (Ex: Raise a family in Chicago) Objectives: How to accomplish the goal? (Ex: Move to Chicago by certain date)

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Project Management Key Factors (Continued) Project Definition S - Specific M - Measurable A - Accurate R - Realistic T – Time Bound Project Justification Market Need Business Need Customer Need Technological Need Legal Need Social Need

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Project Management Other Factors Triple Constraint Time + Cost + Scope = Quality [Q=TCS] Management Styles Autocratic (Own Decisions) Laissez Faire (No Interference) Democratic (Team’s Decision) Discussing (Two way) Directing (Guidance) Delegating (Proxy) Other Management Styles Participative Supportive Task-oriented Team-focused Assertive Coaching

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Project Management Extension of Project Management Program Management Multi-phased projects Multi-tiered projects Multi-year projects Large scale projects Portfolio Management Project/Program Selections & Kickoff Project Portfolio Management Project Finance Management Project/program Administration Dynamic Portfolio Management

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Project Management Extension of Project Management (2) Project Management Office Five Steps in PMO Analysis (Current State Vs Future State) Establishing Processes Implementation Support (Training, Guidance, Assistance) Audits

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Project Management Areas Knowledge Areas Project Integration Management Project Scope Management Project Time Management Project Cost Management Project Quality Management Project Human Resources Management Project Communications Management Project Risk Management Project Procurement Management How To Remember Ice Sculpture Turned Copper as Queen Helen Consumed Red Potion

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Project Management Exam Focus Focus on Project Vs Operation Focus on Project Vs Program Vs Portfolio Focus on Project’s Product, Goals, Objectives, Scope Focus on Project Justification Focus on Management Styles Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Summary: PMP Class Slides-CH01-Lecture v1.0