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Open questionnaire The results

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Favoured parts: Most people seemed to favour the narrative scenes of the music video. Mainly the wolf/drinking scene:

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Improvements: There were mixed responses to this question: Then there were some who seemed to think no improvements were needed: The lip-syncing being slightly out of time or incorrect is due to the fact out actress had to learn the lyrics at such short notice because we couldn’t use our original actress. So, maybe if we had of rehearsed it more, it would have been better.

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Camera shots: There was a lot of positive feedback on the camera shots used:

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Confusion within the narrative: There was some confusion with some of the narrative, which could have been made clearer: However, most people seemed to understand it:

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Overall: The audience feedback made it clear as to which particular parts could have been improved – mainly the lip-syncing. The lip-syncing wasn’t something we had really noticed as being something that didn’t work with the rest of the music video, until it was pointed out in the questionnaires. Although, I did receive just as much positive feedback, e.g. on the camera shots and the narrative.