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In what ways does your media product develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Evaluation

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For my documentary I tended to keep to the general formula which is used. I did this by keeping with the majority conventions which you would expect to see in real products. For example, I have kept to the convention of having titles on the screen when a new person talks. This is important as it effectively highlights who the person is and what relevance they have to the subject.

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Another aspect which is common in documentaries is the use of voice over’s. This is also a feature which I have decided to keep for my own product. This is because it means that I was able to convey more information throughout, thus increasing the audience’s understanding of the subject.

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At the beginning of most documentaries, we tend to see that they use a title screen in which we can see what the documentary is called and any slogan which has been used throughout the promotions. I have kept to this as it helps give the product an identity which has been shown throughout my main product and ancillary tasks. I have named my product ‘Young Politics’ with the slogan ‘Are They Bothered’. This means that when an audience see’s this, they will be able to relate to the promotions.

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During the editing process, I cut up the interviews that I gained and placed group shots in-between. This allows for me to keep the audience, as if they would lose interest if they were just looking at one face on the screen.

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Many companies use different types of advertising to promote their products. In terms of the ancillary tasks, I created a double page TV listings and a poster in order to promote my documentary and I used the same model for both. This is because they will be able to relate to product when they see it. I have used a young person as my model. As this is also my target audience, many will be able to relate to the image.

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However, genres are not fixed. They are challenged through real media products all the time. This is because the audience’s perspective is constantly changing, and therefore the prosumer has to create the changes to keep up with public attitudes.

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I also changed some of the common features. For example, at the start of my product I have used a collage of clips from to introduce the subject to the audience. This is because I have managed to show young people as they are seen in today’s society, which is what I hope to change the audience’s perception about.

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I also avoided using hand held footage throughout my product, which is common through documentaries themselves. The reason for this is because I found it too shaky and it would have brought my final product away from the professional look in which I tried to gain.

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Theorists Young Politics: Are they Bothered?

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Levi Strauss There are also some theories which can relate to my documentary. Levi Strauss and his binary codes for example, is just one. Although this theory tends to be more relevant with media products such as movie trailers and music videos, we can see examples of this in my own product. This is because we can see that it focuses on people who are interested in politics and those who aren’t, thus showing both sides of the argument.

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Propp We can also, to an extent, look at the work of Propp here. This is because we can view the people who are involved in politics as the hero’s and those who aren’t as the villains. This, yet again is a theory which we would normally associate with music videos, but it does fit in this context also, keeping the audience interested.

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