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Having trouble getting started?

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Are you trying to read my mind?

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Is your head swimming?

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Let’s make a deal

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F. A. C. T.

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Form Act I: The Conflict Act II: Developing the Action Act III: The Resolution

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Star Wars begins with conflict

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The action develops

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Resolution: Luke destroys Death Star

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How is a story (or a movie) like a paper? Act I: Introduce the conflict and solution Act II: Develop how the solution solves the conflict Act III: Move the reader with the resolution

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Argument Arguable Position Value or Policy, not a Fact Needs a reasonable opponent Needs evidence

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Assignments F: read “Writing an Intro Paragraph” A: discussion, “Arguable Position” C: read, “13. Omit Needless Words” T: read, “The Ten Common Errors” Paper due Friday!

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