Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy


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Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

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Don’t Push that Panic Button

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Internal Hemorrhoids are painless External Hemorrhoids are painful

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Symptoms of hemorrhoids include Itching, Irritation and Pain

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See Your Doctor

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High Pressure on Bowels can cause hemorroids

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Take a dump when you feel the urge

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Convert Your Bathtub into a Sitz Bath

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Eat High Fiber Foods

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Summary: Pregnancy Increases your Proclivity to Develop Hemorrhoids Bleeding is the most prominent symptom of internal haemorrhoids. You won’t feel any pain. But you will notice bright red blood on your stool, tissue paper and in the toilet bowl. You can tell that your hemorrhoids are external thanks to two prominent symptoms: pain and peanut-shaped protrusions in your anal region. External haemorrhoids are itchy and painful because the exterior anal region is covered with pain receptors. Pain receptors are nerve endings which transmit pain signals to your brain. Internal haemorrhoids are not painful because they develop inside the rectum and the rectal walls do not have pain receptors. You can diagnose your external hemorrhoids with the help of a mirror. You will be able to see the peanut-shaped outgrowths in your anal region. Theses outgrowths could be as little as raisins or as large as grapes. Their size depends on their stage of development. Be careful with your diagnosis because internal haemorrhoids can also be seen externally. At an advanced developmental stage, internal haemorrhoids prolapse. Prolapsed internal haemorrhoids protrude outside the anus. http://mentaltoughnesskit.com/hemorrhoids/

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