Washing Machine for Apartments without Hookups


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Washing Machine for Apartment without Hookups Tired of hauling all those clothes to the laundry mat? Have an apartment without hookups for a washing machine? Then these portable washing machines are the answer to your troubles…..

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Washing Machine for Apartment without Hookups These portable laundry washers have a small footprint, are easy to use, portable and convenient. You may chose not to do your entire laundry this way but you will be able to keep your smaller items fresh and clean and greatly reduce your trips to the laundry mat. A load for one of these nice little washers might be a sheet, a couple of pillow cases and a towel or maybe 3 shirts, 3 pair of socks and a pair of jeans. http://portablelaundrywasher.findit-here.com

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Washing Machine for Apartment without Hookups A lot of people with babies and apartments without hookups love these portable laundry machines because as you know babies can go through a lot of clothes quickly. Just being able to keep these type items clean without having to visit the laundry mat is a real plus AND time saver. http://portablelaundrywasher.findit-here.com

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Washing Machine for Apartment without Hookups Depending on your family size and needs you may prefer one of the Portable Mini Washing Machines. These can sit on a countertop in the bath or kitchen. They are really rather powerful and easy to operate. These are great for small loads of delicates, jeans, towels or t-shirts. http://portablelaundrywasher.findit-here.com/mini-portable-washing-machines.html

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Washing Machine for Apartment without Hookups http://portablelaundrywasher.findit-here.com/mini-portable-washing-machines.html

Summary: Many small or older apartments do not have traditional hookups for washing machines and dryers. A lot of these locations have a common shared laundry area for the apartment complex and others do not even have that so it is in the car and down the street to the laundry mat. Having to make frequent trips to the laundry mat can get old and tiring. If you live in one of these type apartments then look at some of these solutions of washing machines for an apartment without hookups. These washing machines have a small footprint and are easy to operate. They are a great way to allow you to keep delicates, jeans, t-shirts, babies clothes and other items fresh and clean and reduce those tiring trips to the laundry mat.

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