Hemorrhoids - Diagnosis By Your Doctor


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Hemorrhoids Diagnosis by Your doctor

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Medical Techniques DRE Anoscopy Proctoscopy Sigmoidoscopy Colonoscopy

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The Guys & Gals YOU Trust

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DRE Digital Rectal Examination

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Common Positions

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Lithotomy Position

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Lithotomy Position

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All fours or knee-Chest position

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All fours = Doggy Style Position

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Sigmoidoscopy and Colonoscopy both use endoscopes

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Endoscope with USB Connector

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Endoscope with Fiber-optic Camera

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Monitor of Endoscope

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Hemorrhoids Remedy

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Summary: How Your Doctor will Diagnose Hemorrhoids Your doctor will proceed with one of the following techniques to diagnose hemorrhoids: Physical Examination Digital Rectum Examination Anoscopy Proctoscopy Sigmoidoscopy Colonoscopy Diagnosing Hemorrhoids by Physical Examination Your doctor will ask you a few exploratory questions to determine the nature of your ailment. If your responses prequalify you, your doctor will proceed with a physical examination. The prominent purpose of a physical examination is to get a visual confirmation of the hemorrhoidal outgrowths. To accomplish is end, your doctor obviously needs to see your anal region. First things first! “Take off your pants and panties!” orders the doctor. Once you are undressed, your doctor might simply require you to turn around, bend forward and spread open your buttocks. Alternatively, your doctor might ask you to mount on the examination table and lie in the supine position. In the supine position, you lie on your back, facing the ceiling. “Raise your knees towards your chest!” orders the doctor. http://mentaltoughnesskit.com/hemorrhoids/

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