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I like the message you have here. I wish that the text were placed in such a way that it were more readable.

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By: Oliver Diaz

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Friends at the beginning One day a friend of mine asked me who I was closest friends with and it got me wondering who would always stay friendly with me Two classes after that, we started our project and I used this question "How do you stay friends with others for a long time?" Then I began searching for sites that could help me answer my question. Curiosity overcame me.

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Friends Growing up Friends are very important to any person. One thing about friends is that they can be hard to make for some people and easier for others. When friends are made they are usually kept for a while. The difference between friendships with girls and boys is that girls care about their friendships more and worry about them.

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Importance of Friendships To have a long lasting friendship you need to be able to listen to other friends. Also "to have a friend you must be a friend". You need to give a little of yourself so the other person feels safer with you as their friend.

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Friends until the End Long friendships aren't that hard to have, all you need is to be a loyal and caring person who worries about the other person. If you are, then a friendship can last forever. When you do discover and experience long lasting friendships you will hopefully understand.

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