StM Kindergarten: Ladybug Math & Art


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Math problems with a ladybug theme and student created ladybug drawings. Drawings were created in the program “Drawing for Children” but could have been drawn in Paint or KidPix or TuxPaint or any other drawing program. Students used the Insert/Picture icon to insert their art work into the slide. These were printed as handouts of 6 slides per page for each student to take home.

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Count the ladybugs on the slide and enter the number in the red box.

Slide 3

Move ladybugs from the bottom row into the boxes to complete the patterns.

Slide 4

Match the number words to the numbers using the line tool to draw a line between the ladybugs.

Slide 5

Match the analog and digital times by using the line tool to draw a line between matching times. Descriptions on digital times tie in to the book “The Grouchy Ladybug” by Eric Carle.

Slide 1

Ladybug Math St. Martin’s Kindergarten

Slide 2

Ladybug Counting How many ladybugs do you see? 14 I see ladybugs.

Slide 3

Ladybug Patterns

Slide 4

Ladybug Matching

Slide 5

Ladybug Time Matching

Slide 6

Ladybug Art by: AF

Slide 7

Ladybug Art by: NH

Slide 8

Ladybug Art by: RL

Slide 9

Ladybug Art by: PL

Slide 10

Ladybug Art by: SMM

Slide 11

Ladybug Art by: SM

Slide 12

Ladybug Art by: WM

Slide 13

Ladybug Art by: GM

Slide 14

Ladybug Art by: AO

Slide 15

Ladybug Art by: JP

Slide 16

Ladybug Art by: MS

Slide 17

Ladybug Art by: SS

Slide 18

Ladybug Art by: HV

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