UIB 10c revision class


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Upper B Revision Time! Get ready!

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Comment: 1. Have you seen any films based on books ? Do you think adaptations like these tend to work? 2. Men have changed in the last decades and are helping more around the house. Do you agree? 3. Do you consider yourself to be a practical person? Why? 4. What is your opinion about borrowing and lending money to/from family, friends or banks? What was the last memorable film you watched? Talk about its plot, cast, main characters, etc. Give your opinion.

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Unscramble the words and make meaningful sentences: Example: and/ kitchen/ the/redesigning/ living room/She's/ the/ She's redesigning the kitchen and the living room 1. redecorated/ are/ their/ bathroom/ having/ They/ 2. the/ been/ has/ some/ doing/ house/ herself/ She/ changes/ in/ 3. get/ I/ my/ the/ wash/ to/ car/ me/ for/ husband/ 4. brothers/ bedroom/ are/ the/ blue/ My/ painting/ 5. your duvet/ do/ How much/ to/ dry-cleaned/ get/ pay/you/ ? 6. die/ yourself/ Did/ hair/ you/ your/ ? 7. you/ get/ did/ When/ serviced/ your /car/ last/ ?

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Rewrite the sentences using the word in brackets. Example: I’d prefer to stay home tonight. (rather) I´d rather stay at home tonight. 1. He left the party because he was embarrassed. (so…that) 2. I hate when people interrupt me (interrupted) 3. They should nominate her for the Oscar (nominated) 4. I’d like people to remember my achievements (remembered) 5. He can’t stand it when people laugh at him (laughed) 6. They’re showing the Cup final live on TV. 7. The play was so bad that I fell asleep (such a )

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Make compound nouns/adjectives with one word from each column. Hyphens may be necessary. Then, make a sentence with each of them. Washing High Income Baby Food Break Freshly Work Hard Part Time Cut Draw Human Badly Home House made Being place cooked poisoning wives earned tax cooked time backs backs consuming down sitter machine powered

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Dictation Now, explain the meaning of each word to your partner Subtitled Dubbed Cast Plot DIY Leak Grass To service Widower Overrated Predictable spokesperson landlord far-fetched weird role chairman gripping Moving Hilarious Believable

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Dictation: Subtitles Cast plot DIY Leak Grass To service widower spokesperson landlord far-fetched weird role chairman gripping moving

Summary: revision exercises