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Paulina (8 years ago)

Long time no see you, guys!!! Have you been good mice? I love you for eternity.

Paulina (8 years ago)

I just came to say hi... dear dear MICE... you are the guilty ones.

Paulina (8 years ago)

Jim, I really like this place much better than the other one. Hope to see you here more often. Hugs from lovely Valpo.

jimripall (8 years ago)

first of all ! i am very happy to discover your illuminated face , you are more than beautifull ! i realy appreciate you have publish this animation , you know i love it vey much and i see it very often , first part music is dynamic , second is romantic ! there is a part of me ! i am reworking this animation specialy for you with a dedicasse " for Paulina " i think you ll have it very soon ! i send you some lovin by a real friend for a true beauty ! Jim

Summary: Este es uno de las mejores presentaciones que he visto. Sin duda Jim Ripall es un maestro. This is one of the most awesome slideshows I've ever seen. Theres' no doubt that Jim Ripall is one of the gifted ones.

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