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Sources of Energy: A Review Science with Mrs. Z

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So, what is energy? Energy is the ability to do things We use energy for everything that we do, from cooking and eating dinner, driving, and even to watch Psy An energy source is something that can be tapped to provide heat, chemical, mechanical, nuclear, or radiant energy Where does energy come from? What are its primary sources?

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The sun was the first source of energy

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The Sun! The sun was the first energy source. It provides light and heat during the day. Energy from the sun is called solar energy Sources of energy: Non-renewable Resource – a resource that does not replenish itself at a pace that is as fast as it is being consumed Renewable Resource – a resource that has the ability to replenish itself over time through natural processes

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Non-Renewable Energy Resources Most of our energy comes from non-renewable energy sources Fossil Fuels: coal, petroleum (crude oil), and natural gas Nuclear Power: uranium (specifically U-235) is mined and used to produce energy for electricity Who you callin’ fossil?! resources that cannot be replenished naturally in our (or many) lifetime

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Non-Renewable Energy – Fossil Fuels Coal: used for generating electricity, to make cement and steel, and heat buildings; it is used to produce about 21% of our total energy consumption Petroleum (oil): pumped out of the ground by a pumpjack or oil rig; used to make gasoline, diesel, kerosene, asphalt, tar; 37% Natural Gas: heat our homes, cook food, fuel cars; 25% of our energy resource comes from natural gas; Coal Petroleum Pump Natural gas pipelines

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Non-Renewable Energy – Nuclear Energy Uranium, is mined from the earth Nuclear fission - atoms are split apart to form smaller atoms, releasing energy Nuclear power plants use this energy to produce electricity Nuclear power plants generate about one-fifth of our total energy.

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Renewable Energy Sources resources that can be naturally replenished

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Solar Energy: the sun’s rays that hit Earth are converted into energy through PV devices (solar panels) or solar thermal power plants. Solar energy can be used to heat buildings, water, or converted to electricity. Wind Energy: wind turbines use blades to capture the winds’ kinetic energy. Used to make electricity. They rarely listen. Told ya! Hydropower Energy: produces most energy out of the renewable energy sources. Energy is created through moving water. Click on the pictures when Mrs. Z finishes talking for a quick video!

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Click on the pictures when Mrs. Z finishes talking for a quick video! Geothermal Energy: heat within Earth that is recover as steam or hot water. It is brought to the surface by pumps. Used to heat buildings or generate electricity. Biomass: Made from organic material from plants and organisms. These materials contain stored energy from the sun. When we burn biomass, we release that energy. Used to make heat or electricity.

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US Energy Consumption in 2011 97,500,000,000,000,000 Btu

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Gasoline will never exceed $1.00 / gallon! 1977 Today

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Where does your energy come from?

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