Blekko : Redefining The Search Experience


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BleKKO Blekko : Redefining The Search Experience

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In present time search engines are considered to be a vast source of information and accessing the finest information is the first step for any information-seeker towards getting well-acquainted with facts and figures. To provide the information-seeker with the best search experience, one of the newest search engines blekko is fully equipped with characterizing features and tools that are aimed to give the user only high quality, spam-free and relevant information. The describing feature of the search engine is the slash tag that allows you to narrow down the range of your search results and cut right to the information you are looking for. The main punch in the concept of slash tag is that the users can create their own slash tags, tap into other user’s slash tags or add sites to existing slash tags .The search engine also has some special slash tags that don’t act as site filters e.g., /date shows recent results and /SEO offers indexing information about websites.

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The search engine offers more transparency in its search results The feature of transparency is reflected very clearly in the search result pages being generated by the search engine. The users can not only like a page, mark it as spam and remove it from the search results forever, but they can also view the inbound and outbound links, a cached version, the IP address and SEO data. While the search engine does not disclose its relevance ranking algorithm, it does expose some of the information used for computing the algorithm.

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blekko vs. Google The goals of both of the search engine are almost similar; i.e. both the search engines want to deliver only the most relevant pages for any search query. While Google relies on its search engine spiders to crawl and index the vast spaces of the web, Blekko relies on the user community to find useful sites and add them to the relevant slash tags.

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Preference option offered by the search engine The preference option provided by the search engine lets the user to display only that data that they want to see in each search result. The preference option allows for a good deal of customization and provides much more useable and accurate search results thus allowing the users to make more effective searches than those which can be found in other search engines.

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The search engine helps to filter the spam from the search results A distinguishing feature for filtering the spam from the search results is offered by the search engine that comes in the form of a button titled “spam”. This feature for filtering the spam lets the user to click the button and never see the search results from the website that contains irrelevant and unimportant links.

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The search engine provides safe-searching to its user base The search engine provides a feature of safe-search to its user base that is set to “moderate” by default which means that results containing irrelevant information will be visible only if a majority of search results are irrelevant. If the user wants to access each and every search result, he/she can click on “prefs” in the upper right of the search engine window and set safe-search to “disabled”.

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The categories concept used by the search engine The search engine displays multiple categories for a given search term that expand and collapse to show more or less search results which can then be scrolled through horizontally. The user can expand a category and see more search results by clicking the vertical category title and he/she can jump to a different category by clicking from the menu on the left bar.

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Slash tags: The noticeable feature of the search engine The feature of slash tags provided by the search engine is a way to make a “vertical search” around any topic. A vertical search lets you to search in a specific area of interest, rather than across the range of all interests. The search engine allows you to simply browse a list of topics to find the appropriate slash tag according to your search requirement.

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Is the search engine a promising deal for the information seekers? The search engine aims high with its goal to improve the web’s search results and provide the users with an information accessing experience they never had before. The search engine is amongst the one of the newest search engines that has been designed and developed after the research of many years and comes with some great features for the users.

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Conclusion It is very easier to find the information being sought quickly by making use of visually-labeled and multi-colored categories of the search engine which allow users to scroll horizontally through many more pages of results. The search engine Blekko search results allow users to more quickly get to great sources of information rather than scan through a list of blue links.

Summary: The search engine makes use of a user-priority based list of sites around a given topic that generates only relevant web pages. The search engine also uses an advanced feature called slash tags which helps in making the search made by the user quick and easy.

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