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Miami International Group Miami International Realty Group is the expert of the constantly changing local and foreign markets. Our specialists are constantly evaluating market data from all over the world and thus establishing the best-possible starting point for our customers.  We speak the language of our customers. We combine the capabilities of our highly competent team with our network under our master brand. Our strength is based on the in-depth training of our employees and on continuous knowledge transfer within our company. Miami International Realty Group Miami, FL 33132 Mail:

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Miami International Realty Group first opened its doors in the booming metropolitan city of Downtown Miami. We are a full service Real Estate company. We specialize in investment opportunities, property management, bank foreclosures acquisition, short sales, buying and selling advise, and commercial properties. With the continued opportunities in the South Florida Real Estate Market, our company is rapidly expanding within the bank industry, international, commercial and residential Real Estate Market. Miami International Realty Group Miami, FL 33132 About us

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From the smallest landscaping detail to maintenance emergency, you can rest assured that our staff, and those with whom we contract, will respond immediately, professionally and courteously to the needs of clients and residents alike. We offer a comprehensive range of services for all types of properties. Miami International Realty Group Miami, FL 33132 Property Management Services

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There is no doubt that we, Miami International Realty Group, are leading the way to provide investors with the best properties available during the latest improvement in the Miami property market. Find luxury property sale in Miami to suit your modern lifestyle. Miami International Realty Group Miami, FL 33132 Luxury Property Sale in Miami

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Buy your dream house and get the best apartments and houses for sale in miami with best bargains from the expert of our miami international group. Miami International Realty Group Miami, FL 33132 Apartments For Sale In Miami

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Miami International Realty Group 14 NE 1 AVE SUITE 1111 Miami, FL 33132 O. 305.374.5188 Here at Miami International Realty Group we can assist you in different languages from Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew, we have a combined professional background from all over the world. Contact us

Summary: Miami realty group at is the international expert when it comes to giving the best and efficient real estate solutions to people in both the local as well as the foreign market.

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