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bring the fresh Review Honest

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bring the fresh Review Honest

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bring the fresh Review Honest Bring the Fresh (BTF) 2013 is the updated version of a program that Kelly Felix & Mike Long’s (the creators) have been iteratively updating for quite some time. It is a website building software plus it includes the training that you need to build a money making, at home business without any experience, computer knowledge or marketing skills. The software is supposed to be designed to do everything for you, simply and quickly. In addition, there are constant updates that prevent the information from growing stale and underperforming after a while. Most of these updates are timed to coincide with changes within Google.

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bring the fresh Review Honest Who is BTF Intended for? Bring the Fresh is meant to be step by step, easy to follow website building coupled with expert advice and webinars that teach the world of affiliate marketing. Since there is a trial period and a money back guarantee it can be investigated by virtually anyone who is interested in it. The advertising videos claim that the program can be used by anyone at any age, however it still takes some level of dedication and effort to be successful.

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bring the fresh Review Honest What’s Included in the Tools and Training Training comes via webinars and expert advice with Bring the Fresh. There are several tools which starts with the software that builds your website (web hosting is not included) but there are several additional tools that are suggested for your success. These include article creation and spinner tools as well as link builders. Tools that generate fresh traffic to your site are also suggested. All additional tools are optional. To get started, you will gain automatic access to the Fresh Start Guide as soon as your membership enrollment process has been completed. This guide (in video format) gives you all of the information that you will need to get started with Bring the Fresh. This information is updated whenever Google makes changes. An additional bonus in the form of specialized keywords is also given to those who are starting the Bring the Fresh program.

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bring the fresh Review Honest The Price – How Much Does Bring the Fresh Cost? Bring the Fresh offers a one week trial period which costs $7 but there is an option for lifetime access which costs $37. Once you are inside there are also offers to join “private” or “exclusive” groups at an additional cost along with offers for paid products and services. If you utilize the $37 offer you are still going to need to buy “other” services that carry monthly expenses to get your business up and running. One of the main offers being that of “Project Profits” which is also owned by Kelly Felix and Mike Long which will run you another $197.  Just understand this before you purchase as the $37 lifetime payment definitely DOES NOT include access to the entire system and training.

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bring the fresh Review Honest My Final Word on the Bring the Fresh Membership This is a solid program which has been updated several times to make adjustments for changes in the affiliate and internet marketing world. There are a number of optional tools that can be added to your basic program which might be confusing for beginners and it will lead to additional expenses (which is not advertised prior to signing up). It is probably best for those who are in unfamiliar territory to stick to the basics until they are more acclimated.

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