Vietnam War


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-Huuuh- What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! By Sarah, Katie, Lauren -Edwin Starr WAR

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Overview The Vietnam War was from 57-75. The South supported the United States and the US lost. It was the only war that the US lost. It was the longest war that the US fought in.

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Pre- War “Hippies” protest the Vietnam war. U.S entered the war slowly in 1950-1965 (Longest War in U.S. history) In the 1960’s the war hit its peak Positions on the war: Neutrals Pacifist-opposing all wars Liberals- believing that encouraging the democratic gov. was best way to go.

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Protest The largest anti-war protest was on November 15, 1969 More than 250,000 people came that day to protest. In Yokemate a war veteran post office clerk was dismissed because he was involved in an anti-war protest 27 years ago.

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Vietnam War Memorial The memorial is in Washington D.C. Over 57,000 people’s names are in graved in the wall pictured right. The wall attracts many tourist. The wall only has American soldiers that fought and died.

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We protest for our fellow marines The freedom is the protesters exercising their freedom of speech. The cost is the consequences that they have to face.

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