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About Animal Dungeon : Animal Dungeon is an exciting new game developed in cooperation with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). The game aims to educate children about animals, be addicting & fun and create awareness about poaching & illegal wildlife trade. Animal Dungeon is a paid game application where 5 to 10 percent of the game’s sales goes to WWF’s work for wildlife protection. Animal Dungeon is the first of its genre that offers a unique experience to kids and adults by motivating them to help save some of the world’s most charismatic, valuable and ecologically important species. 

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Every day in the forests of Africa and other continents, wildlife animals such as Rhinoceros, Elephants and Tigers etc. are being slaughtered. In many places, these species have already been poached to extinction. The game takes you through endless traps and encourages players to use investigative strategies to help animals in trouble. Additionally, the game offers a highly detailed learning experience for kids through the interactive “Animal Dungeon's Zoopedia” that provides information about animals of different continents and also entertains and educates your kids with animal sounds and images. Moreover the app also gives interesting & unique fun facts about different endangered animals. These innocent animals need you; will you help to save their lives? If you don’t act now there may be no wild animals left….Come to their rescue with Animal Dungeon!

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The promo video for Animal Dungeon is available on YouTube: ( Now Available on: iTunes: Android:

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The Story Behind!!

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Tim lived in a small village. Every day, Tim walked with his bag pack from his little hut at one end of the village to the primary school across the jungle. Sun or rain, Tim would love his long walk to school and enjoyed being around the jungle animals. The animals of the jungle also knew Tim and eagerly waited for him and his Tiffin box. Tim would greet all animals with a soft chuk-chuk sound every day and threw his sandwich crumbs to the birds, monkey and others. One day, when Tim was on his way to school, he observed that all the animals were gone from the jungle. There was no chirping of birds, no roaring of the lion and no thudding rhino. The jungle was astonishingly quite. Tim became sad and sat down lonely on the green paddy fields, wondering where all animals have disappeared. Suddenly, some big unknown hands gripped him from his shoulders. Tim shocked with terror turned to look for the strange creature.

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On turning around, he saw a giant Panda wearing a white coat with black fur around his eyes, ears and shoulder. Tim asked the Panda about the disappearance of all animals and inquired if he knew about their sudden departure. Panda uttered in hoarse voice, ''An evil poacher has caged all the animals and plans to sell them as part of an illegal wildlife trade''. He explained how wildlife animals such as Rhinoceros, Elephants and Tigers etc. are taken away with the purpose to be slaughtered and are threatened among forests of all the continents around the world. He said, “This time it was our jungle!”

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Tim was astonished to hear this and asked if there was a way to save these animals from the evil poacher? Unexpectedly, Tim saw the charismatic Panda rub his hand across his forehead. On doing so, a powerful wind started blowing. Tim’s hair flew from his forehead into his eyes. His blue and mustard school dress fluttered, like a kite flying in the morning sky. The Panda gave special powers to Tim, to enable him to help animals in trouble. Tim magically started walking through obstacles and plunged into a battle with the poacher to save the innocent animals. The Panda offers fruits which arms Tim with super natural ability to save the animal species….

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Story Ending!! Tim returns home as a proud young savior with all animals returning back to their homes inside the jungle.

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Features of Animal Dungeon: Compatible with iOS 6.1 and higher. Created in cooperation with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). 5 to 10 percent of game sales goes to support WWF's work for wildlife protection. Increadibly fun and informative with dazzling stages keeping kids and adults engaged through a "just one more time" endless game play! Available in multiple language. Comes packed with Zoopedia with educational information about animals in different continents with animal sounds and images. Free Voucher coupons for USA players only, who become victorious in defeating the Evil Poacher as they conquer through various stages of the game

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About Appimize!! Appimize Studio is a Game Studio & Publisher headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Appimize produce and publish game for iOS, Android & other mobile platforms. The company was started by small creative team providing innovative games to the global gaming industry. Our goal is to create superior gaming products and elevate the player experience to new levels. | |

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Contact Us!! Appimize Studio AS. Wergelandsveien 1, 0167 OSLO, NORWAY. Email:

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For any queries contact us at: Appimize Studio AS. Game Publisher Wergelandsveien 1, 0167 OSLO, NORWAY Email: Appimize Studio Private Limited.  Development Studio Email:

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Thank You Very Much for Visiting us!! iTunes: Android:

Summary: Animal Dungeon is an adventure game for kids and adults. Save the real animlas by playing this game on you IPhone, Ipod or any android mobile.

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