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Spiritan campus ministry: pastoral counseling spiritual direction

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The Spiritan Division student should have completed at least 33 credits by the end of the freshman year, including: A mandatory five-week summer semester A selection of courses from the University Core Curriculum, i.e., courses that all Duquesne students must complete. Division curriculum requirements, i.e., courses that the Division student must complete before transferring to the College or one of the schools. Field Experience The Division curriculum includes a field experience course that satisfies the University service learning requirement and brings Division students face to face with local elementary, middle, and high school youngsters.

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Provost Pearson recently noted that most faculty go for tenure based on excellence in teaching and effectiveness in research

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2013 Liberal Arts TA Orientation Introduction to Teaching at Duquesne

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Center for Teaching Excellence Laurel Willingham-McLain, Director Karen Krzywicki, Assistant to the Director Steve Hansen, Associate Director for Faculty Development Erin Rentschler, University Instructional Consultant Michael McGravey, Instructional Consultant for Teaching Assistants

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Center for Teaching Excellence 20 Chatham Square/Murphy Building 412.396.5177 cte@duq.edu www.duq.edu/cte “We help Duquesne faculty and TAs excel as teacher-scholars deeply invested in students’ learning.”

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What we do at CTE… New TA orientations Consulting Print & online resources Workshops and book studies TA-only events TA Award Certificate of University Teaching See CTE brochure for more information

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Overview of Orientation Breakfasts Mini-Workshops, Administrative Info Picnic today with Science & Pharmacy TAs Lunch tomorrow with experienced TAs from College Brief assignment tonight (marigold handout)

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Overview of Materials Hand-outs Faculty Resource Guide On Course by James M. Lang

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Reminder Bring the following tomorrow: Handout packet Your assignment notes On Course book

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Fall Semester 2013 Class Schedule Highlights See “Class Schedule Highlights” handout (salmon) www.registrar.duq.edu/acaCalen.html Online class schedules: www.sites.duq.edu/registrar/schedules/index.cfm Fall 2013 final exam schedule: http://www.duq.edu/Documents/registrar/_pdf/Final_Exam_Schedules/FA2013_Final_Exam_Schedule.pdf

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Fall Semester 2013 Class Schedule Highlights

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Fall Semester 2013 Class Schedule Highlights *Please note that each semester, one or two weekdays are typically changed to follow the class schedule of a different weekday. This ensures an equal number of sessions for classes, especially those that meet only once a week. *Final grades are due within 72 hours of the completion of your final exam.

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Sexual Harassment Forms of Sexual Harassment Quid pro quo (“something for something”) Power differential Hostile work environment (creation of an uncomfortable atmosphere) Verbal, Non-verbal, physical Graduate Students are in the unique situation of being both instructors and students Your department will inform you about required sexual harassment prevention and policy training

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Support Services Academic Advisors Advocates for students in academic, counseling and financial areas Contact them if you suspect student is having difficulty—the earlier the better Student information, including name of advisor, available via DORI (www.dori.duq.edu)

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Support Services Campus Ministry Counseling Center English as a Second Language Freshman Development and Special Student Services Learning Skills Center

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Students with Disabilities Physical and/or learning disabilities Entitled to reasonable accommodations Instructor may be held personally liable if reasonable accommodations are not made for a student with a documented disability On syllabus, advise student to see you at beginning of course if accommodations needed Office of Special Student Services can help you understand the law and make accommodations (412-396-6657)

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Gumberg Library Graduate Student Privileges Graduate student study room Circulation: 50 books, 8 weeks - 2 renewals (unless recalled) Doesn’t apply to interlibrary loan - E-Z Borrow: books only - ILLIAD: books, articles, and other materials http://www.duq.edu/library/services/gradstudents.cfm

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Gumberg Library Training and Workshops RefWorks: organize research and citation info Laptops available for check-out Reserve materials for teaching Allow one week processing Students need ID to access reserve Electronic reserves (e.g., scanned articles)

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Instructional Media Classroom Technologies To find out what media equipment is installed in your classroom, visit AV TRACKER website: http://www.duq.edu/webapps/campusav/ Reserve equipment early In each building, you can order: LCD projector PC and MAC Laptop Computers TV/VCR cart VHS and/or DVD player Portable Projection Screen Slide projectors Portable Public Address System

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Instructional Media Computing and Technology Services Visit http://www.duq.edu/cts/ for more info Media Services & Distribution Center (MSDC) Phone: 412-396-4614, email: msdc@duq.edu Location: 210 Canevin

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Instructional Media Educational Technology Location: 222-223 Rockwell Hall Phone: (412) 396-5625 Email: edtech@duq.edu Services: Blackboard: online learning system Collaborate, Starfish Connect's appointment scheduler, Camtasia, Snagit, and Smartboard and Smart Notebook Training available through campus workshops, webinars, and self-guided tutorial options Visit http://www.duq.edu/academics/resources-and-technology/educational-technology

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Parking at Duquesne See flyer 2012 TA parking rate: Annual: $708 + $5 for garage Academic: $538 + $5 for garage Semester rates are also available Go to Parking Office across from Student Union Present a contract (or dept letter stating you are a TA) You can arrange to have it taken out of your paycheck, if applicable

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Southside Shuttle a convenient program offering shuttle services between campus and the South Side scheduled to arrive at Duquesne University approximately every 15-20 minutes follows the academic calendar (no weekends, breaks or holidays). Monday through Friday: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. second bus will be added during the peak ride time of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Semester passes are $100.00 To view Schedule: http://www.duq.edu/about/campus/parking/south-side-shuttle (PDF available)

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Grading Policy There is no A+ or C- at Duquesne Check with your department regarding specific grading policies (+/- system) Announce grading policy on syllabus

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Duquesne Undergrads Mostly residents of Pennsylvania Often from rural areas or small towns Often from Catholic families Many are involved in work-study programs Both on and off campus residents About 3,400 students live on campus, including a high percentage of freshmen and sophomores. Both traditional and nontraditional ages

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Duquesne Undergrads Strong volunteer program & increased involvement in service learning Some students are also athletes (6 men’s and 10 women’s varsity sports) First generation college students find support through the Spiritan Division Required to take 7 discipline specific core courses and 4 theme area courses Many core courses taught by TAs

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Duquesne University’s 10 Schools McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts Rangos School of Health Sciences The Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences A.J. Palumbo School of Business Administration Education

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Duquesne University’s 10 Schools Mylan School of Pharmacy Law Mary Pappert School of Music Nursing Leadership and Professional Advancement

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Duquesne Culture of Teaching Campus-wide focus on teaching & learning TA and faculty awards Certificate of University Teaching Publications by faculty on teaching

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A tip for TAs… Find a healthy balance between your teaching and your scholarship

Summary: A general welcome and policy information from Duquesne and CTE.

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