Designing Your Course by Steve Hansen, PhD


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Designing Your Course Steven Hansen Center for Teaching Excellence

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Fink’s Key Components of Integrated Course Design Significant Learning Goals Engaging Learning Activities Informative Learning Assessments Situational Factors

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Four Steps to Course Design I. Recognize Situational Factors Specific Context of the Course Course Characteristics Student Characteristics University, School, & Department Characteristics Discipline Specific Characteristics Instructor Characteristics

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Four Steps to Course Design II. Establish Significant Learning Goals SWBAT: “Students will be able to…” Goals drive overall course planning Clear goals provide students with direction Bloom’s Taxonomy Guide

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Four Steps to Course Design III. Plan Feedback and Assessment Procedures Align assessment with learning goals Plan for early and continuous assessment of student learning Provide feedback to guide student learning Audit-ive vs. Educative Assessment

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Four Steps to Course Design IV. Develop Teaching and Learning Activities In Class Plan activities that will give students practice in using knowledge or developing skills that align with course goals Provide feedback to students during class time

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Four Steps to Course Design IV. Develop Teaching and Learning Activities Out-of-Class Create assignments that relate to student learning goals Consider sequencing assignments to reach challenging goals Provide guidance for assignments via careful instructions and/or grading rubrics

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Developing a Good Syllabus Communicate to students Course plans Standards & Expectations Include all elements of good course design Articulate what students will know and be able to do (SWBAT)

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Developing a Good Syllabus Choose an appropriate tone Give a context for the course Make the syllabus readable Consult calendar in Schedule of Classes

Summary: Dr. Hansen walks through effective course design, structure, and approaches to teaching.

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