How to create a blogger account


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How to create a blogger account…☺

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Getting started ☻ First Google ” Create a Blogger” Then click “Create blog”

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Getting started ☺ Complete.

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Getting started ☻ After completing the information about yourself your screen should look like this. Then click next step.

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Getting started ☺ Click “Back to Blogger”

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Getting started ☻ The next screen you should see on your computer is this. Then click “Continue to Blogger”

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Getting started☺ To start a new blog click “New Blog”

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Getting started When this pops up Put in the Title and Address (follow note box above for help) You can also choose your Template for your blog. When you are done with that click “Create blog!”  Use the first part of the Gmail account that you just created for your address Ex: {mclears0} Becomes:

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Getting started ☻ This should be your ending screen. Have fun Blogging!!  ☺  ☻

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