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Tudor-Stuart England Do Know…. Don’t Know… Activity Sneak Peak!

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How to use this Revision tool Look at each image and statement. It will always start with “I don’t know….” and will always end with “but I do know…”. Your task is to complete the statement by adding something you do know about that area of the topic. See the example on the following slide for ideas…

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I don’t know who lived here but I do know… The answer to the statement could be “…but I do know that a house like this would have had a lot of servants…” Or “… but I do know that Elizabeth spent a lot of her childhood in homes like this…” Get the idea? Ok, lets go!

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I don’t know who has preached from this pulpit but I do know… Sneak Peak!

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I don’t know how Elizabeth would have felt entering Traitors Gate but I do know… Sneak Peak!

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I don’t know how much it originally cost to watch a Shakespearean play at the Globe Theatre but I do know… Sneak Peak!

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I don’t know how many people the royal kitchens would feed per day but I do know… Sneak Peak!

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I don’t know how the early settlers felt about their new life in the New World but I do know… Sneak Peak!

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I don’t know if whether Elizabeth felt more threatened by Scotland or Ireland but I do know… Sneak Peak!

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I don’t know how Londoners felt about Sir Christopher Wren’s new St Pauls Cathedral but I do know… Sneak Peak!

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