Expressive Vocabulary Test 2


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Expressive Vocabulary Test 2

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Purpose of the Expressive Vocabulary Test 2 This test helps detect language impairments across the age range of two and a half years through ninety years It measures word retrieval It monitors growth across a board time span Helps in measuring language development among nonreaders and people with written-language difficulties It screens for expressive language difficulties such as aphasia, language delays, etc.

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Administration of Expressive Vocabulary Test 2 This test is done individually and takes an average of 10-20 minutes, but it is untimed and is presented an examiner. This test is also norm-referenced and assesses expressive vocab and word retrieval. Each form has three examples along with 190 items arranged in order according to difficulty. The examiner then presents a picture from the test and reads a stimulus questions. The individual then responds with one word that labels the picture, answers a question about the picture, or provides a synonym for a word that fits the picture.

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Limitations of Expressive Vocabulary Test 2 There are certain limitations on the Expressive Vocabulary Test 2 such as: It can not be performed on individuals with blindness or deafness It my not be appropriate for adults with intellectual disabilities due to the first 50 test items feature children.

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Summary: Sped 435

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