DETC Webinar on Initial Accreditation


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Presented by Michael P. Lambert, Executive Director Sally R. Welch, Associate Director Nan Bayster Ridgeway, Director of Accreditation July 7, 2009, 2:00 p.m. EST 1

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2 Eligibility Requirements Timeline for Accreditation Reviewing DETC Standards and Policies Preparing a Good SER Preparing for On-Site Visit Ten Most Common Mistakes Obligations of Accreditation OVERVIEW OF THE WEBINAR

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• 2 years of continuous sound and ethical operations with the present owner and with the current programs • Must be a bona fide distance education institution • Must be properly licensed • Must be within the Commission’s capability to examine and evaluate 3 1 – Eligibility Requirements

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5 Step 5 Send Self-Evaluation Report to Evaluators and DETC Receive Subject Specialists’ Reports and respond to any “B” or “C” ratings Step 6 Undergo on-site visit Evaluators write reports and sends to Chair Chair writes report Step 7 Receive Chair’s report Respond to Chair’s Report Step 8 Commission reviews reports and decides to re-accredit or not 2 – TIMELINE FOR ACCREDITATION (cont’d)

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6 Use form: Changes to DETC Standards, Policies and Procedures A.1. Accreditation Standards – 47 Standards in 12 areas A.2. Business Standards – 49 standards in 3 sections C.5. Policy on Course/Program Approval – describes what must be submitted and how C.9. Policy on Degree Programs – standards for degrees 3 – REVIEWING DETC STANDARDS AND POLICIES

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7 C.10. Policy on Financial Statements – explains how financial statements must be prepared and what must be included to be acceptable C.14. Policy on Student Achievement and Satisfaction – explains, defines, and gives examples for DETC’s required Outcomes Assessment Plan C.21. Policy on Required Institutional Documents – gives guidance on what documents institutions should maintain 3 – REVIEWING DETC STANDARDS AND POLICIES cont’d.

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8 Allow enough time! Designate a “Compliance Officer” who has taken DETC’s course Demonstrate how institution is in compliance with current standards Provide strong emphasis documenting how the institution has improved since the last review Prepare a truly comprehensive and analytical Self-Evaluation Report Provide thorough answers to “procedures” and “processes” 4 – PREPARING A GOOD SER

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9 Make certain SER contains all critical documents Include in the SER a comprehensive, actionable, task-specific strategic planning document Ensure all managers thoroughly read the Self-Evaluation Report Follow the instructions on how your SER should be presented Provide clearly labeled validation documentation for each of the standards, and have this on hand in the on-site committee’s conference room Review SER using Examiner’s Rating Form and Standards Checklists 4 – PREPARING A GOOD SER (cont’d)

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10 Before Visit pay visitation fees contact key people and brief them arrange for meeting room and refreshments display one set of courses, SER, advertising, exams and other Exhibits respond to any “B” or “C” ratings from Subject Specialists During Visit greet Committee, give introductions, and distribute a Welcome Kit CEO gives short briefing and any updates give tour and take lunch orders have key personnel available for interviews supply any addition information After Visit receive Chair’s report respond with 2 weeks 5 – PREPARING FOR AN ON-SITE VISIT

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11 NOT: giving thorough answers in SER entering “NA” without stating why providing required documents providing acceptable financial documents keeping current with DETC standards following requirements for degree programs having key people available for interviews involving/briefing institution’s key personnel attending DETC meetings working closely with Director of Accreditation 6 – TEN MOST COMMON MISTAKES

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File an Annual Report Pay Annual Dues and Accreditation Fees Teach-Out Commitment Submit all New and Revised Curricula Correct any Incorrect or Misleading Information 12 7 – OBLIGATIONS OF ACCREDITATION

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Advise Commission in a Timely Way Advise Commission of Substantive Changes Participate in Evaluations and Committees Renew Accreditation Certification by DETC for Title IV 13 7 – OBLIGATIONS OF ACCREDITATION (cont’d)

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