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Supplemental Instruction Provided by The Student Success Center at Rider University

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What is SI? SI or supplemental instruction is exactly how it sounds…supplemental to class It is weekly review sessions for students enrolled in historically difficult courses It provides a chance for you to get together with students in your class to organize material, compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying, and be well prepared for taking exams Sessions are group learning facilitated by a trained SI leader

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Who are SI leaders? They are students themselves, who have taken the class before, earned a high grade, and were recommended by the faculty They are prepared to share with you what they have learned about how to study effectively for this course They know the course content and are anxious to help guide you through it with extra materials such as graphic organizers, sample problems, and study guides They will also be in class with you, taking notes, and listening closely to the professor

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How does it work? Your leader’s job is to help you think about the lectures you hear and the books you read and then put it all together into perspective during the sessions so you can learn more efficiently SI is a place where you can comfortably voice your questions and concerns and get answers It is peer collaboration with active engagement

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How does it work? Your leader will not… -re-lecture or give you his or her notes -do your homework or your thinking for you -encourage last minute cramming for an exam Your leader will… -help you make good use of your study time -share with you the strategies they found to be successful

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What’s in it for you? If you attend SI sessions regularly, chances are, you’ll earn a better grade -research shows that students who attend SI regularly average one half to one full letter grade higher than their classmates who choose not to attend, which could be the difference between passing and failing When you attend SI, you’ll develop a better understanding of course content by reviewing the material as well as transferring these skills to other classes that may not have SI support Don’t forget, it is completely free!

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When do sessions start? Sessions will begin around the second week of classes You will fill out a survey during the first week of class and select the best times for you to attend sessions -from this, your SI leader will set up a schedule that accommodates the majority of students and let you know the location -there will be two sessions offered per week so take advantage of this service

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And keep in mind… This is not something offered for very many classes, so we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity Your professor, by allowing us to provide this service, truly wants to provide you with every available resource to ensure success We look forward to seeing you at the Student Success Center which is located on the top floor of the BLC suite 237