Léo at the Sea


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Léo at the Sea

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  Once upon a time, a ten year old boy called Léo lived in Guadeloupe with his family. Once day he went to the doctor´s with her mum because he had flu. The book he was carrying in his hands fell on the floor and he was very worried as it was his favourite.

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Léo was very sad and cried because he had lost his favourite story book and he didn´t fancy playing.

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  He didn´t cheer up even when he travelled in a red van with all his family.

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They all went to a Caribean palm beach and Léo was sad while children played, had a swim and sunbathed, men played cards, drank soft drinks, beer and rum, and women lit the fire to prepare food.

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Some children were building sand castles, other laughed at him because he was so sad, crying, sitting under a palm tree. .

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Still crying, Léo took a pebble and holded it in his hands while the others kept laughing at him.

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He threw the pebble into the sea as he recognized that having lost his book wasn´t anybody´s fault but his own. He kept on crying.

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Léo went into the water and was happy to see a fish. He fed the fish with algae and they became good friends.

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Léo dived and they played tag under water. Léo was hapy and so was the fish.

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While Léo was diving with his friend the fish, his parents were ver worried and called the police and gave them a picture of Léo to help finding them. A diver Lockheed for him in the water, a policeman with a dog looked for clues, the an ambulante wa Reddy just in case Léo was hurt, some of his friends looked for and called him others cried. .

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Léo went out to the surface and thought about his family - “ maybe I should go back” – He thought – “ I miss them!” – He said..

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A butterfly guided him to the shore where he met his family and friends who were very happy to see him.

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And this is the end of the story.

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English version by: San José Artesano School – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain Pictures by Ecole élémentaire mixte 1-Guadeloupe, France For Once Upon an Island: http://new-twinspace.etwinning.net/web/p86605/

Summary: Using pictures drawn by French children from Guadeloupe, Spanish children from Gran Canaria made up a new story.

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