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Skin Tags

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Skin Tags are also called Acrochorda, Cutaneous skin tags Fibroepithelial polyp

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Tags are Benign skin polyps

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Skin Tags usually occur in skin folds such as the -armpits, -neck, -groin, -genitalia.

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Skin Tags Under Arms (Armpit)

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Skin tag on armpit

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Skin tags on Eyelids

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Single Skin Tag

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Skin Tag on Face

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Skin tags on the Neck

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Nasal Cavity

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Skin Tags occasionally occur on moist surfaces such as the -Tongue, -Vagina, etc.

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Skin Tag Treatment

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Summary: Skin tags are small benign skin outgrowths that look like warts. The surface of skin warts can be smooth or irregular. They might sometimes look like a nipple. The scientific name of skin tags is acrochorda (singular: acrochordon). They are pretty harmless. They only itch and irritate on extremely rare occasions. Generally, skin tags occur in skin creases and folds such as the armpit, neck, groin, genitalia, face, under the arms, under the breasts, buttocks, umbilicus, nasal cavity, vagina, mouth and eyelids. Studies suggest that they are caused by skin rubbing against skin. Skin tags affect both men and women; however, they are more prevalent among women. They can be easily treated with the revitol skin tag remover. skin tags remover ...

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