experiment wiht compass


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Experiment with compass “JUVENTA“ progimnasium, Siauliai, Lithuania

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Problem: Can we themselves make a compass?

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Hypothesis We can themselves to make a compass.

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List of items: 1. a needle 2.oil-paper 3. scissors 4. a glass 5. water 6. magnet

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Process of experiment 1. Cut a circle (smaller than diameter of a glass) or a square.

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2. Magnetise the needle: touch the needle with one side of the magnet for 20-30 times.

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3. Spike the cutted circle or square with the magnetised needle.

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4.  Pour a glass with water and put the needle with the paper in it. Keep a close watch what is happening.

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5. Turn the glass or the paper and watch again what is hapenning.

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Result   Our made compass always shows the north or the south Our made compass always shows the north or the south It doesn't show degrees.  

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Conclusion  A needle is made of steel which contains iron. While touching the needle with the magnet we magnetised the needle. However we changed the position of the needle it always turned with one side to the north.