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Yolanda (9 years ago)

Bonito trabalho, Helga. O Brasil precisa de gente como você, que valoriza e divulga a riqueza deste belo país. Yolanda

Diane (9 years ago)

Hi Helga, i love your Papagaios do Brasil presentation. The native birds in Australia are also very colourful. ( some featured in my presentations) You make a great Slide Show. loved the photos and the music. Cheers from Diane. Australia.

Slide 1

Helga design

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Music : Brazil National Anthem Song by brazilin birds-Photos from web

Slide 17

The parrot plays an important role in its habitat by helping to propagate the forest.  Because not all of the seeds consumed are digested, many are passed in the bird's guano over new areas of the forest. Some species eat nectar and are important in the pollination of many species of plants in the tropical forests.

Summary: Brazil is colorful from it's birds

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